Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wild Hope

In my frenzy of lip gloss happiness, I forgot to mention the OTHER exciting thing that happened last weekend...I saw Mandy Moore in concert :)

Her new album, Wild Hope, is just incredible--totally different than anything she's done before; much more Indigo Girls meets Joni Mitchell than Britney meets Christina. Love it, love it, love it.

When I bought the tickets a month ago, my dear husband--in a gesture of overwhelming chivalry--said that of course, he'd love to accompany me to this celebration of girly-ness. Mandy Moore + Paula doesn't get much more angsty and anti-boy than that, but he wanted to make me happy. Good guy, that Steve.

But as the date approached, I realized with horror that the concert directly coincided with the Biggest Sports Night In New England This Year. No exaggeration. It wasn't just that the Red Sox were playing the Yankees, but Curt Schilling was pitching against Roger Clements. It wasn't just that the Patriots were playing the Chargers, but that the Patriots coach was just fined a cool half-mil for cheating, and this was the team's first chance to prove that those Superbowl victories were not tainted. Big stuff, here in Beantown. And my husband--the consummate sports fan--was going to be at the Mandy Moore concert through the whole thing.


Now I'll give it to hubby--he manned up and said, "Don't worry, Honey. The concert will be fun. Not a problem..." But when I told him my friend Kristina could come with me, he actually gasped in happiness. "Really?" He asked, eyes wide with hope, not sure he could believe this turn of fortune. "You'd be okay with that???"

Kristina and I entered the super small (I think "intimate" is the word they use for venues with no seating?) club where Mandy's show was moved after Paula Cole bailed at 7pm; Mandy took the stage at 10:00. All I can say is THANK GOD Steve wasn't stuck there in the middle of this small sea of Mandy Moore fans for three hours--I'd have been walking the dog every night for the rest of my life, trying to repay him :) Instead, Kristina and I had hours of fun girl talk, and I have no doubt that the world is now a slightly better place.

And after all that waiting, the concert was great. I think Miss Mandy may have been a little buzzed up there on stage (she kept gulping from a giant travel mug) but I think I'd have needed to be a lot buzzed if I was singing in a place so small that the audience was right up to the lip of the stage, almost underneath me. She can really belt, and her band was great, too. Good stuff.

The Red Sox lost. The Patriots won decisively. Hubby walked the dog :)


L Sass said...

Ooh, I secretly love Mandy Moore, too. Although, my best friend's sister acted in children's theater with her back in the day in Florida and apparently, she was a major brat!

Beck said...

I wish Mandy Moore well - she seems so much more level-headed than her contemporary starlets.

ellesappelle said...

Sounds like you have one fantastic husband!

LEstes65 said...

I love anyone who can REALLY sing. And Ms Moore can REALLY sing. I'm so glad she's doing her own thing now and has ditched the bubble gum crap.

Too bad Paula bailed. She's amazing in concert. I have never been disappointed by her live. I have, however, been disappointed by her lyrics. She's a genius vocalist. She just needs a lyricist. If Elton was man enough to admit that point, I think she should, too.

I'll go see Mandy with you any time.

Larramie said...

You're living well, Trish; enjoy the ride!

Swishy said...

She was probably trying to calm the nerves :) Sounds so fun!

~Virginia~ said...

I really like Mandy Moore--again, much more likable than Britney, Christina, etc. Have you seen Because I Said So? It's cute(ish)...Diane Keaton's performance is a bit--odd.

Stacy said...

Funny story. Glad you enjoyed your concert!

Em said...

Fun! That is great:) I saw her on the View (newly hosted by Whoopi Goldberg and actually interesting enough to TiVo:), and she looks great and sounded good, too. You know I love anything Indigo Girl-like.

Yeah, we watched the Sox loose....:( that was a bummer, but slightly better knowing that we were sharing the pain with your hubby.

JenKneeBee said...

ah, that's really cute of your husband to offer like that though :) does he have unmarried brothers?