Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished (Sort of...)

I'm off to a hilariously good start in my determined efforts to fail more as a path to life fulfillment. After my last post (a mere 15 days ago), I decided that I was getting back on the blogging horse, and would post faithfully at least three times a week.

You can see how that went.

WHEN will I learn that these sorts of DEFINITE DECISIONS WITH CLEAR GOALS ATTACHED always, always (always...) mean failure for me? And yet the promise--the idea that by setting the goal I am somehow requiring myself to follow through--is so alluring, I get sucked in, again and again.

I'm reading HAMLET'S BLACKBERRY, a book about finding a balance between the extreme connectedness the internet makes possible, and the private mental space required for happiness, creativity, and general well-being. I'm thinking of going offline for the month of November (which almost guarantees you'll see a post from me here on November 3rd, 11th & 22nd...), to see if it will help me pin down some of the writing ideas that have been floating around in my head eluding capture. I'm wondering if less time with my internet connections might give me more mental space to build the relationships that go into writing a book--with ideas, characters, and points that come together only when there's some room to move things around.

(Hey--Maybe someday I'll write a book about how writing is like interior decorating...for your brain!) (And that idea, my friends, is utterly representative of why I'm not posting more frequently...)

Have you ever taken a vacation from online connection? If so, how'd it go?
Did it help you maintain real-life connection with people in person?
Just curious :)


Abby Green said...

Hi!! Last year (or was it 2 years ago?), anyway, I 'fasted' from the internet, by only allowing myself 30 minutes/day for 30 days. It was awesome. I found that I actually had a lot of other things I enjoy doing-and had time to do-and I didn't obsess over checking my email 50 times/day. Ryan and I spent wayyy more time together as well. I'm a fan!

Sarakastic said...

I work online so my boss is not a huge fan of me ditching the internet, but there's many days that I wish I could. In fact I even have a Threadless tee that says "the internet was closed today so I thought I'd come outside".

I too resolved to fail more and I have to say it's going great, it's a really freeing way of thinking, so thanks for that.

Toiah Gordon said...

Hello, I have taken breaks from the world of all things internet and instant communication. I call it disconnecting to reconnect. It is always beneficial.

mkate said...

I've had this conversation often with a fellow facebook-less friend since I detoxed from it last year. At times I get frustrated by being "left out" of life events (friends getting engaged, having babies, etc.), but I realize that it's my responsibility to be intentional since it was my decision to unplug from this social network. And, I'll confess that ocassionally I need a heart and soul check to remember that being with out Facebook is NOT a spiritual gift... ;)

larramiefg said...

Enjoy your time away. "Quiet" does promote reflective creativity.