Monday, June 06, 2011

The Weekend

Hello again! How is everyone doing today? It's Monday, which is usually a little fuzzy for me. And we have TWO dogs this week (dog sitting for friends of ours). So I've spent the past couple of hours watching THAT DOG alternate between having fun with her little buddy and then being horrified by the audacity of it all.

It was a fun weekend. Saturday was a day trip to the beach, which reminded me (again!) that there's nothing like sand, sun & ocean to convince me that life is wonderful, God has a plan, and the earth will continue spinning whether or not I cross off every item on my to-do list.

And Sunday I read Sarah Dessen's latest Young Adult novel, What Happened to Goodbye. It's vintage Dessen: well thought-out characters, interesting setting, challenges and life struggles that drew me in. I love reading her stuff. And the timing was interesting, given the HUGE dust-up in YA circles over this article from the Wall Street Journal. Twitter was ABLAZE with fury over this reviewer's suggestion that YA books are trending toward dark themes in a way we might want to be careful with.

So pretty things to look at, deep issues to contemplate, and a well written story to provide a bit of fun escape. What did you do this weekend?

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Mary said...

Whoa. What an article!

Welcome back, Trish - good to see you blogging again. :)