Monday, August 29, 2011

A fun weekend

My favorite band, Ryanhood, was back in town this past weekend. And while no one was sure when the worst of Hurricane Irene would hit Cambridge, this show was worth braving the elements for.

As some of you may remember from my 40 Days of Faith blog from a couple of years ago, Ryanhood's music hits right in the sweet spot for me. Somehow, these two guys from Tuscon manage to capture exactly the feeling of stretching for a big dream and existing in that scary place of uncertainty. You know, when you look at things one way and think, "Wow, I could go faster, higher, and farther than anyone ever imagined!" but then consider them from a different perspective and realize, "Ooooor I could lose my balance and tumble, pathetically and in utter shame, to the jagged rocks below..."

When you live in this place, it's nice to have some tunes to keep you company :)

The show was fabulous, and I was inspired. (If you're in the DC area, check them out at Ebenezers on Thursday 9/1. You'll love it.) Then yesterday, in the midst of the wind gushes and rain, Steve and I got to spend the afternoon with half the Ryanhood duo, Ryan, and his wife, Abby. We spent the afternoon in one of those conversations that happens when you've all had FULL lives since you saw each other last: celebrating highs, acknowledging lows. We talked about the constant battle to get from where you are to where you want to be. You'd think this would be tough, but for me at least, it was the opposite. It helps me to know I'm not the only one out here trying things, wondering how they'll go, picking myself up again after setbacks, and then starting again. (We all do it. Some of us just feel a bit more pressure to write books and songs about it ;) ) It was nice to spend time with other folks who are in the battle.

(Special thanks to Abby for reminding me that one doesn't have to wait for BIG, PROFOUND REALIZATIONS ABOUT LIFE to blog. Sometimes it's just, "I went to a concert, then ate cheddar cheese and cashews with my friends," and that's okay.)

If you're in the battle now, click over to Ryanhood's website and check out the video for their new song, Second City. It's about this idea: we survive the wreckage, and what emerges is good.


Stacy said...

Welcome back! I was just thinking the other day that I miss your blog posts.

Abby Green said...

Sooo happy to see a Trish's Dishes post today!! :)

You are right...blogging about concerts, cheese and cashews is fun to read about, and a good reminder that lots of little things are what build lasting memories.

just a little fyi...the concert is on 9/1/11 (8/1 is a long time from now... :)

Trish Ryan said...

Oops! Fixing that now :)