Thursday, April 26, 2007

Your brilliance big prize :)

I've blogged before about the unfortunate dust-up certain books have caused recently amongst some of my favorite friends, written by grim authors determined to convince us all that no matter what we do to try and become happy, fulfilled women, we're all doomed to end up abandoned, alone, and destitute.

BUT...I am delighted to pass along this little nugget from yesterday's NYTimes, which - in my unhumble opinion - heralds a new day in feminine happiness: Apparently, we women have finally smartened up enough to stop buying these books that tell us all hope is lost. To which I say, Hallelujah! I'm not sure where we got the idea that creating a market for exposes on "how our lives all suck" was ever going to change things, but let me be among the first to say, may that era end now, today. I want to hear from women whose lives work, women who have figured some things out, women who - although they may not be perfect - have reached a place where they can honestly say, "Hey - things are better than I ever thought they'd be." I'll plunk down $24.95 for those books, maybe even buy a copy or two for friends.

In that spirit, how about a little contest? In the comments, pick a problem - something that bugs you - and tell me your solution to solve it. I've read your blogs - I know you guys have mad skills. Most of you are (hysterical, brilliant) writers, so here's a chance to use your gift for the betterment of womanity (for which, my husband assures me, all mankind will thank you...) So pick a problem and tell me how you'll solve it! The prize will be something fabulous, inspiring, and (you know me) probably book-related....


LEstes65 said...

Oh honey, you really want to hear what I'd say at this particular moment?

Problem: Male midlife crisis.
Solution: Impose rules from "Logan's Run" for the male population. Specifically "a person's maximum age is strictly legislated: twenty-one years, to the day."

But that's just coming from someone who's eyes are tired from filling out legal papers all day.

(Don't worry - I'm not really going to become bitter forever. Just for a little while - grin.)

Glass Half Full said...

Thanks for stopping by.

So I visit your blog for the first time with a questions -- HA! I thought of something real quick, but it may not be real enlightening....

Problem: Loud kids
Solution: Kick them outside to play!

Hope that helps someone. :)

Holly Kennedy said...

Trish! Thanks for your comments about my 3rd novel's cover. *blush* You and Mia reminded me that (duh) to add the flap copy so bloggers know what it's all about.

Here's my problem and solution, though I don't think the Canadian gov't will go for it.

Problem: The never-ending flipping need to cook meals to feed your family, when all a person wants to do is WRITE!

Solution: You know how they subsidize daycare? Why not subsidize dietitians/cooks for families with writers/moms/wives teetering on the brink of nervous breakdowns?!

*clearly, waaaaay too much espresso this morning, huh?* :)

Swishy said...

Problem: Don't want to go to work.
Solution: Find lots of things to keep you amused at work, such as great blogs, YouTube clips and funny episode recaps of TV shows you've already seen twice!