Thursday, July 03, 2008

Things I love, part 2

I have an irrational attraction to things that come in kits. A few years ago, I almost bought a set of forty two wrenches at Sears, simply because they all looked so shiny and wonderful, there in the plastic carrying case with all the special little places for them to line up. It made me happy, just looking at them. The highlight of every childhood birthday was the matching plastic necklace/bracelet/ring set with my birthstone my Mom always got for me, and OH THE JOY when I got my first little manicure kit, with it's little scissors, trimmer, and file. Never mind that the file was useless, and the scissors dull--they LOOKED SO PRETTY, there in their little black felt envelope.

My most recent kit discovery is far more useful. Makeup, with magnets, that you can mix & match in a pretty little compact. (I know--this has been available for decades. I'm just late to the party...) Last week, I put this together--isn't it gorgeous?

The Sugarberry lipgloss is a longtime favorite--if I didn't mention it in the "things I'd grab if there was a fire" post, I'm adding it to the list now. But all in all, I'm just excited for interchangeable sparkle power. Makeup application is the only artistic talent I have, in terms of the visual arts (one wonders what I might have accomplished had I spent as much time in my teen years perfecting acrylics and watercolors as I did studying the latest thoughts on eyeshadow application in Seventeen...)

Anyway, there you have it: part two of my Unpaid Product Endorsement series. If stuff makes us happy, we should pass the word along.

Speaking of happy: here's a picture of Steve test driving pillows in the store the other day. We didn't find what we were looking for, but I think this shot made the whole trip worthwhile :)


Liza said...

I love kits too. I rarely need the kits I want to buy, but they are so neat I have to make myself walk away. I've never been one to wear make-up, but I love lip gloss and lipsticks and have tons of each.

Cute picture! You have to try out the pillow before you can buy, just to make sure you will like it.

ellesappelle said...

You've converted me to funky little kits now. Can you teach me how to apply makeup? Better yet, how to buy the right stuff? Because either I am useless at applying it, or useless at picking the right shades.

Karol said...

I'm like you with the makeup thing! Yes, we probably should have developed our artistic skills where they could have proven more useful. Athough at my age, having a good make-up application is a skill worth having.

Melanie said...

Ok, I just have to say. I'm slightly annoyed with MK right now. They are constantly changing their compacts! Just last week, I placed an order and was surprised to find out that they had changed...AGAIN. And that they don't have my sheer pink eyeshadow anymore. Grrr. But, I'm hoping I picked out some similar stuff. What colors are in your kit? I am liking the pallette!

Susie said...

I am a kit lover too!! I'll never forget my 7th birthday when I got a "professional" kit, which let me pretend I worked in different professions- it had notepads for taking people's orders (like I was a waitress!) and rolls of tickets (like I worked at the circus?). Um yeah, I was a huge dork (still am).

And that makeup kit is sooo cuteee. Want one!!

Paige Jennifer said...

I will never forget the time Ex and I hit BB&B so he could buy some new pillows. There on the floor of the aisle he sprawled out and gave a few a go.

"I cannot believe you are lying on the floor," I said as I kept an eye out for other customers or worse, an employee.

"How else do you know it'll be comfortable?" he asked as he rolled from his side onto his back.

"That is a valid point," I reluctantly admitted.

"Climb on," he suggested as he patted his hips.

"Yeah, now you're pushing it," I said as I turned on my heels and headed off elsewhere in the store. And as soon as I turned a corner, I broke out into a fit of giggles. Seriously, tell me that visual isn't funny!

Rachel said...

I like kits too, but I don't have many. The picture on the pillow is too funny! I love it!

L Sass said...

Now I feel the need to purchase makeup in a kit!

Also, I feel the need to take a nap. Have Steve send me one of those pillows!

~Virginia~ said...

love the pillow picture!

after 30 years i finally realized that the 1st step in good makeup application is getting a good quality makeup. i recently purchased MAC eyeshadows and while they're expensive, they're so much better than the cheap crap i kept buying. it actually lasts all day!

Melek said...

HEY! i just bought that same makeup kit! but mine only has lipgloss and mineral powder, and the brush. yours is much prettier :)