Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You know you're distracted when...

Last night I came into the living room where Steve was watching NFL football.
"What inning are then in?" I asked.
He stared at me like I'd lost my mind.

And I kinda have.

I'm in writing mode. Ninety percent of this "mode" takes place far away from my keyboard, as my brain churns through the various conversations, articles, movies, songs, and journal entries I've accumulated over the course of my life, fitting various pieces together into possible new combinations. Some are worth writing down, others not so much. But you never know when the next cool idea might pop up, so I let my brain do it's thing and try to stay out of complicated situations. On the inside, I'm like a computer (They say we only use 10% of our brain capacity, but this week I really think I'm up near 13 or 14%....) but on the outside? I'm a disaster.

As if to prove this point, I just went to the grocery store, and almost loaded my stuff into someone else's car. Here's what happened: I came out with my items, rolled the cart up to our RAV-4 (we call him "The Ravioli" to make him feel special, but really he's just like every third car in Cambridge), hit the unlock button, and opened the back gate. "Why is there a pillow in the car?" I wondered. It looked like the pillow back at home on my bed, the one THAT DOG was sleeping on when I went out. Then I saw something hanging from the mirror. It was gold-toned and flashy and most definitely not mine. "Omigosh!" I said out loud. "this isn't my car!!!"

I was mortified. I don't know why--it wasn't as if I was going to steal the pillow or the shiny gold ornament. I looked down the aisle of vehicles and saw MY ravioli, two spots down. I hustled my bustle, tossed my goods in the back, and took off, happy no one caught me. Sigh.

All I can say is, Lock your cars people...I'll be like this until February.


Allie said...

:) That could make for a very embarrassing encounter.

Liza said...

I would be more concerned that your keyless remote would open another car. Hope no one saw you.:)

Stella said...

LOL! Here's one for you ... try entering the male zone during a FOOTBALL game and ask if the home team has made a HOME RUN yet. You think winters are cold in the northeast? Brrrrrr!!! ;-)

Paige Jennifer said...

One summer I lived with my sister in a gated garden apartment building in Atlanta. I was asleep and she was out bar hopping. Apparently she did a 2am door beating one floor up thinking it was her apartment. She had to pee and was furious her key wouldn't work. Then she noticed the apt number and ran like the wind for the nearest stairwell.

Susie said...

Hehe I do that ALL the time. And I always frantically look around to make sure nobody saw me. Like they're going to think I'm trying to steal their car. Writing makes me out of it in the rest of the world too!