Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Tax Man Cometh

I'm working on our taxes today. For writers, this is quite a process, especially in a year you have a book come out. The good thing is that there is income to report (YAY!!!) and expenses to deduct. The challenge is wrestling all those little receipts into some sort of order so that I'm not that frazzled woman with an overflowing shoebox full of paper when we head into the accountant's office.

I may download that Beatles tune to keep me company--both for the jaunty, stay-awake rhythm and the reminder that however complicated my taxes might be, Paul McCartney's are worse.

This is the one day a year where I voluntarily do math. Wish me luck :)


~Virginia~ said...

luck! i hate math. calculators mock me.

John David Robinson said...

I'm a little late to the game here, but apparently Evernote, the completely awesome online note-taking system, will take uploaded scanned receipts and turn the images into real, searchable text. Dunno if you'll find that useful, but I figure I'm going to start using it if I ever make photography into more than a hobby. =)

Babs said...

I have many allergies and math is one of them. You're a riot!!!

LEstes65 said...

If you need help with the math, call me. If you need help with the more complex items, call me and I'll give the phone to Pokemon Boy.