Monday, May 04, 2009

No snakes on the plane (or at the hotel, or in the conference center...)

We're flying to Galveston, Texas this morning for the Vineyard National Conference. I'm excited! I dig getting together with folks from all over the country who like to talk about God and the cool things that can happen when we pray instead of freaking out. As someone with a propensity to freak out, these kind of get-togethers are good for me.

(Especially since I just did a Google search for a picture of Texas to put with this post and found, in addition to the usual "don't mess with Texas" logo, a photo of a guy holding a terrifyingly gigantic Texas rattlesnake. NOT what I was looking for. Granted, it was on the Urban Legands website, but their version of "disproving" it was to say that the perspective of the photo might be off, and that the snake might be "only" seven feet long, rather than nine. LIKE THAT MATTERS!!! I'm already fighting off queasiness because the plane we're taking out of Ithaca is so tiny it has the word "Dash" in the title; I hadn't even thought about snakes. Esh. Note to self: Don't freak out. Pray....)

I'll be twittering from the conference. If you're curious about life down South (or this Northerner's take on it) you can follow along at

All week, I've had the song "Deep in the Heart of Texas" going through my head, despite the fact that Galveston isn't in the heart of Texas at all. There must be another Texas song, right? Anybody have one? (It will give me something brave to hum on the plane...)


LEstes65 said...

Having only been a Texan since 2005, I had to look it up. But apparently the The Texas State Song is "Texas, Our Texas". I imagine if you asked anyone here, they wouldn't know a thing about it. If you want to hear it to get it stuck in your head:

Stacy said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure the 7 foot snakes are preferable to the 9 foot ones. Smaller brains.

Have a wonderful (and snake free) time!

Eric said...

From a (sometimes) homesick texan:
London Homesick Blues by Jerry Jeff Walker
Up against the wall.. by Jerry Jeff Walker
Anything by Lyle Lovett especially Thats right (you're not from Texas) and the entire Live in Texas album.
Anything by Ray Wylie Hubbard (see live at Cibelo Creek album).
Anything by Robert Earl Keen, esp. Gringo Honeymoon, When the Bluebonnets Bloom, Mariano... see No. 2 Diner Live album

LarramieG said...

Galveston has its OWN song -- Glen Campbell's "Galveston."

Stella said...
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Stella said...

Sorry, flubbed my last comment.

Here's one:

Big D little A Double L AS.


Its from some muscial, but I can't remember which one.


Allie said...

A few days ago I flew from a small town to my hometown on one of those tiny planes that only has one person on each side of the aisle. Scary taking off, but definitely more exciting! And amazing views.

Stella said...

Here's a link to Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett in a performance from Carnegie Hall singing Big D little A Double L AS

Caution: Listening may end up with this song running in a continuous loop through your head.

Grin, Stella

Jaime Babstock said...

nose full of nickels!! Priceless!!
I think I need to make you a Rascal Flatts mix. How are the stars in Texas?

Melanie said...

Don't forget "God blessed Texas with His own hand, brought down angels from the promised land..." Everytime I went on a mission trip to Austin or Houston, that song would be on someone's mixed CD and we'd all thump the roof of the 15 passenger van at just the right times. Oh, memories! :)

I hope you have a WONDERFUL time! My friend Natalie said Jeremy Riddle and Steve Jones led worship last night...I'm just a little jealous right now. :) But the good kind! I hope you have a wonderful time and get to meet my lovely friends!