Friday, November 13, 2009

Chicks Write On :)

As you may have heard, Publishers Weekly recently announced their "Best Novels of 2009"... a list which included exactly no books by female authors. So sad. And, frankly, bizarre.

Over at Twitter, we do this cool thing called #FridayReads, where we share what we're reading going into the weekend. Today, we're focusing on books by women. I thought I'd do the same thing here at the blog.

And over at SheWrites, they've put out a Call to Action. (I love calls to action!) Kamy, the CEO, caused quite a stir at her local Barnes & Noble when she walked in and bought thirty-nine books by female authors. 39!!! Kamy is my hero (and I can just imagine the excitement of having that many amazing books just waiting to be opened!)

We can do this too! We can buy a book--for ourselves, for someone we'll be exchanging with for the holidays--today, one that is written by a female author. As a female author myself, I thank you (in advance!) Together, our pile will go even higher than 39.

Because here's the truth: what authors really want isn't so much accolades and getting our names on's readers.

So do tell: what are some of the best books you've read this year by women authors? Which titles are you excited to read? Which one will you buy today?


The Book Gourmet said...

Dishy Books from Women, my, my. Where can I begin?

Everything Diana Gabaldon ever wrote. Ever.

Philippa Gregory makes history positively Yummy and fulfilling.

J.K. Rowling provides entertainment or Muggles and Wizards of all ages.

Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale' is Genius, Michellin Star Genius

Ana Maxted's 'Running in Heels' kept me in stitches.

...and Sophie Kinsela's 'Shopaholic' series has gotten me in a bit of a pickle from time to time.

To name a few.

Your point, however is well taken. I find, that even as I have been compiling my reviews, somehow I feature more male writers than women. That is certainly unintended and I don't think that, overall, I tend to read more of one or the other. I think, in truth, I consume a lot of both, as long as it's Yummy.

But I will review this more closely, and ensure my menu is always balanced.

Bottom line. Women make good fiction happen every bit as much as the next best men. We just have to get that message out, and I'll be glad to do my little part.


The Book Gourmet
Clarisa Brown

LEstes65 said...

Well now I know what I'm doing tonight. The boys will be at my mom's house. I can't buy 39 books. But I will go and buy something by my favorite author (you know who you are Rish Tyan). And I will give a few of them to some girlfriends that I think will really appreciate the book.

And as soon as your next one comes out, I'm totally buying a butt load of them and shipping them out to my girls all over the country.

Allie said...

I haven't actually bought more than one or two new books this year, and they were both by men. HOWEVER, when I think about my favourite books, the ones I actually like reading more than once - almost all women.

Abby Green said...

three of my favorite books of the year by women:

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Left to Tell by Immaculée Ilibagiza

Abby Green said...

Oh, two more to share...

Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg

Erica said...

Favorite reads of the year:

House of Spirits by Isabel Allende

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Lots of stuff I want to get to...and now I have to add the suggestions from this post!! :)

larramiefg said...

Please just take one glance at my site, The Divining Wand. This is not a "plug," it's merely a place to find books by women authors...and a few brave men. :)

Trish Ryan said...

I echo Larramie's recommendation...her site is an amazing resource for writers, readers, and anyone looking for a little dose of happiness in the middle of the day :)

Erica said...

Oh yeah! And the Nobel for Literature went to a woman this year, so Herta Muller was recently added to the list...
I've also got several new favorite women poets, but I realize that's not everyone's cup of __insert hot beverage here__ :)

Kayne said...

A books by women list could not be complete without Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee.

I read mostly cozy mysteries lately and the best are by women:

Victoria Laurie
Sarah Atwell
Leann Sweeney
Lorna Barnett
Roberta Isleib
Carolyn Haines
Jane Cleland

(they may not be high-brow literature, but I also learn something new of a crafty nature.)

Barbara Kingslover (whose latest is No. 1 at Powell's right now).

Kamy said...

Wow, I love these lists! Gretchen Rubin pointed me to you and your blog, and I am so glad she did. What fun to get these reading suggestions from such a smart, passionate group. I wonder if we can find a way to share them all with the community at She Writes...we are working on developing a reading list for all. Thanks for the shout out and for asking your readers to take such a positive, wonderful action. See you on She Writes!!