Friday, January 22, 2010

He's Playing My Song

I woke up this morning with Barry Manilow's "Daybreak" running through my head. It reminded me of the most unfortunate gym class of my elementary school years, where an earnest substitute teacher had choreographed what can best be described as a "fabric dance" to this song, and tried to teach it to a room full of fifth graders. Not Barry's finest moment.

But it also made me realize that that is the tone I'm looking for this weekend: Easy listening. No heavy metal. No classic rock. No Fergie, Britney, or Lady Gaga. To be honest, I even need a break from folksy singer-songwriter laments I'm usually so fond of. Just some happy thoughts to a gentle rolling rhythm, a big smile, and Barry reminding me to Let it shine, shine, shine, all around the world... I mean, check out this video of Barry in concert, talking about how with everything going on the world, we need his music. To which I say: You're right Barry!!! We need you!!!

But if I see a giant swatch of yellow fabric, I'll resist the urge to pick it up and twirl it around.

(And yes, I'm slightly concerned that a week from now I'll be searching iTunes for elevator music...but I have to believe that a bit of Barry will help me bounce back, rather than regress. We'll see.)

Who is singing the soundtrack for your weekend?


Lunachick said...

Pink Floyd, unfortunately. Never a good sign.

Heather said...

Mom is a TSA security screener at the Albany airport who reported one day that Barry Manilow had come through the checkpoint wearing a gold chain that he was protesting removing. He demanded of a young screener, "Do you know who I am?" to which the screener shrugged, non-plussed, "No." Here's to sharing your soundtrack with the next generation!

Jenn said...

i love Barry! :) no one my age (34) really appreciates him like i do - so thanks for the shout out! i've seen him in concert twice and he is amazing!! i frequently sing Daybreak, as well as Somewhere down the road, which i must admit, is a bit depressing for this single gal... and of course, my namesake, Jenny! love your blog :)