Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Adventure Calls

I'm off on an adventure tonight, traveling to a place where it's a whole ten degrees warmer than Cambridge! My suitcase is stuffed with an outfit for every possible contingency (save a party with a 1950s theme, which I would boycott on account of there being so many other cuter decades). There will be important gatherings where I'll meet new people with exciting things to say, and many adventures to share when I return. My guess is that it will be a fun combination of this: And this:

(And no, I haven't been invited to the Hall of Justice yet. But I'm working on it...)

Have a great week!


Stacy said...

Have fun!

Am I tasteless if I would LOVE a '50s themed party? What's cuter than full-skirted dresses?

Trish Ryan said...

Stacy you're right: the full skirted dresses are cute...except on me. They make me look like I AM a poodle, rather than just having one as a little decoration. Hence my love for the decades that followed :)

larramiefg said...

Hmm, wonder where you're going? To whatever event, though, travel safe and enjoy!

P.S. Weren't poodle skirts made of felt...Ugh!

kim said...

Looking forward to hearing how things go, and sensing His hand on it.