Monday, May 21, 2012

On "Wardrobing"

I am DELIGHTED to report that posting some great reads for summer had the desired affect (effect? I can't seem to get that right) and convinced God of my true desperation for SUNSHINE this weekend.  THAT DOG, THAT HUSBAND and I went to the beach on Saturday for some vitamin D reloading.  It was glorious.

Today, it's cloudy again, but I'm not even bothered.  Because today I'm on a MISSION (and I've had quite a bit of coffee, which is why I'm typing so quickly and leaning on the ALL CAPS button for ADDED EMPHASIS!)  I'll be attending an event tomorrow where the dress code calls for neither jeans nor flip flops.  Which puts me at a loss, as jeans & flip flops are my go-to attire for pretty much anything that happens between the months of May and October.  

What's a girl to do?
I would LOVE to be the type of person who is so dedicated to the themes of FREE TO BE YOU AND ME that I show up in my super-casual attire (a la Woody Harrelson) no matter what the event, trusting that no one really cares what I wear.  But I'm not.  I was a lawyer at one point; I know how to put on a suit.  I sold real-estate, so I can do business casual.  I understand appropriate clothing and how much it helps people to hear what you have to say if you're dressed like someone they'd want to hear from.

So today...I'm shopping.  Pray for me, friends.  I've gone down this road before, only to return home with new jeans and 3 additional pairs of flip flops.  But this time, I'm determined to do better!  I'm going to pretend that Stacy & Clinton are tracking me with their spy-cam, lamenting denim's magnetic pull over me, squealing with delight as I consider the merits of a "trouser."

We'll see what happens :)


Jenn said...

That's why you - and others that feel your same pain - need a personal stylist like me :)

Jayne said...

for the Affect/Effect thing.

Remember, Affect=Verb, Effect=Noun.

I hate clothes and clothes shopping, they are a necessary evil as far as I am concerned.