Thursday, June 14, 2012

Discovered: Why I Can't Walk the Talk

This week I learned that I cannot walk and think at the same time.  Hilarious, embarrassing, true.  Sure, random thoughts pass through my mind while I'm trotting along from point A to point B.  But it turns out I can't follow them to any conclusion without stopping (and preferably sitting down).

For some folks this lack of multitasking ability might be tragic, but for me it's been a boon.  As many of you know, I've been on a quest to learn how to relax, which has coincided with a bizarre pedometer obsession.  Who would have guessed that the two would go hand-in-hand?  Because of my pedometer, I'm walking about eight times as much as before.  When I'm walking, I'm not thinking about anything, really, other than "Oh, look at the pretty flowers," or "Wow, I hope that guy has that big dog on a leash..."  So aside from the time that the guy did NOT have his big dog on a leash, my walks are remarkably...relaxed.  It's been totally fabulous.

I'm not usually a fan of practices that tell you to "clear your mind" or "erase your thoughts."  (If you think about it, those are rather terrible ideas.)  But I'm surprised how nice it is to have a small break in the day when no new thoughts are accumulating, when I can step outside the swirl for a bit and just see whatever is going on around me.

Suddenly, I understand why I instinctively refuse whenever a friend suggests that we go for a walk to talk over some situation or catch up.  If I can't think while walking, how on earth would I participate in conversation?  (If you're one of those friends who has wondered for years why I'm always saying, "um, how about we get coffee instead?" now you know!)

Admittedly, some of this relaxation is negated by my slight mortification over adopting the fitness regime of a 60 year old.  But in the event that (God willing) I live that long, I'll be ready!  So now as I'm walking along and not thinking, not only am I relaxing, I'm PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE!  How's that for lemons into lemonade?

And to capture the true hilarity of all of this, let me confess:  I have a song I sing as I walk.  Think of the tune to My Preogitive.  Got it?  Okay, now instead sing, "It's my Pedometer!" There are all sorts of lyrics about getting up off the couch and people walking on my's quite a tune.  It's going to re-re-re ignite Bobby Brown's career with the AARP crowd, I just know it!

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