Friday, January 04, 2013

3 Things for Survival

I was wondering what to post about today - with a bunch of ideas swirling in my mind and no clear sense of how to prioritize them.  Then I saw a post from my friend Mary Elizabeth and thought, "Well of course...this is the priority."

Here's a snippet:

"I heard a powerful story last week.  About 30 years ago, John McCain spoke to a group of our military’s elite as they prepared for the possibility of becoming a prisoner of war at some point in their careers.  According to the story, McCain shared three things that surviving prisoners of war had in common:

               1) They had a faith in God.        
               2) They believed their country was coming to get them.
               3) They did not put a date on their rescue.

This story has had a profound impact on me as I have reflected on 2012 and think forward to all 2013 will hold...."

To continue reading, follow this link.  I think these three tips apply to whatever type of rescue we need. Have faith. Believe. God is coming.  Hallelujah, even now :)

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Corina said...

This makes me feel so much better. I've been down for awhile and not knowing why because I have a REALLY good life and more than what I need. But I want to share my life with someone and no one seems to be on the horizon. And to be an independent woman AND a church girl you kind of have to hide the "I don't want to be single anymore" thing because you shouldn't need a man to make you complete and Jesus is enough! Or something like that.

But rescue! That's what I need. Being single isn't a curse but it feels that way when you know you aren't meant to live your life forever this way. After awhile you forget what you are waiting for. But God is coming to rescue me, maybe when I least expect it...that makes me feel better about waiting.