Friday, January 25, 2013

What Would You Say To A Sophomore?

I'm speaking tomorrow at Wheaton College's Sophomore Symposium, so I've been wrestling all week trying to figure out what I wish I'd known during my second year on that gorgeous campus.

Last night on a lark, I grabbed my smart phone and asked Siri, "What advice would you give college sophomores?"  She politely offered to look it up on the internet, and took me to a series of links offering the usual advice (take a variety of classes, don't give up, study hard but don't get burned out...) and then two gems that made me giggle.

The first was a variation on the stress management theme, exhorting students to "Take a break from studying. Pick a night and go watch a movie with your friends!"  I'm not sure how old the person was who offered up this little tidbit, but I don't think that's what most college students do to let off steam...

The second was far more practical. It said, "Get a polo shirt with an official looking logo.  That way when there are 100 drunk partiers from other schools trashing your dorm at 3am, you can throw it on and tell them to leave and they'll believe that you have the authority to do so."  That, I thought, might come in handy.

I'll pass these along tomorrow, with some other bon mots that I hope will encourage these students to take some bold chances and not be too afraid that they'll flub up their lives.  Without my flubs, I wouldn't have a career :)

What unique advice would you give a room full of college sophomores?

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Corina said...

Take care of your body & finances but don't obsess about either one. Both will be important to you 10 years later. Make friends with people that aren't like you or like your group of friends. So many people are looking for friends. Say hi first!