Thursday, November 09, 2006

Better than sheep

I couldn't sleep last night. One of those tossy-turny nights where right after I'd doze off, I'd realize both of my arms had fallen asleep and I'd spend the next ten minutes trying to restore circulation to my extremities.

Here is a small assortment of my late-night random thoughts, in no particular order (or context, for that matter):

1. My new chiropractic pillow with the big divot in the middle makes my head feel like it's in an egg carton.

2. I wonder if Advil or Tylenol is better for lower back pain?

3. I bet going to the gym is better for lower back pain.

4. It really is a miracle that our country can undergo such a gigantic change in leadership in the middle of good times, let alone war, and we all expect it to work out smoothly. And it will. I'm not sure I appreciate the miracle of our American process enough (One hour later: I am fully satisfied that I'm caught up on my awe and wonder; I am now ready to get some sleep).

5. My niece (Glamour Girl) and Nephew (Yes We Do Eat Fig Newtons For Breakfast Boy) are coming to visit this weekend, along with their delightful parents. I should probably spend some time on Friday removing poisonous, breakable, and electricity conducting items from the lower shelves. After that, the lower third of my house will be pretty bare.

6. If Britney Spears writes a self-help book on the importance of avoiding Mr. Wrong, she can count on me for 15-20 copies. In the words of my friend's 3 year old daughter, dressed as Sleeping Beauty for Halloween, "You shouldn't let the bad guy kiss you!"

7. I'm going to see my parents today, and my Dad is going to buy his first computer. He is 75, so that is very cool. But I don't think he's part of Apple's target demographic, as their on-line machine specs are in six point font, all in grey. I see a long afternoon of reading aloud to my father, in a techological language neither one of us understands. But perhaps I underestimate him; just because I don't know how many gigibytes I have, want, or need doesn't mean he doesn't. After all, the man understands Algebra.

8. Going to see my parents means that YES! this is another day where I will shower and put on clothes other than my pajamas. It's a big day in Trishworld.


Anonymous said...

Someone should make a t-shirt that says, "You shouldn't let the bad guy kiss you." I'd buy it for sure. That's a smart little girl.

LEstes65 said...

I will forever picture you sleeping as a giant egg on a pillow with a Trish-body attached. Thanks for that hysterical visual!

And for me? Advil (ie - ibuprofen) knocks pain better than Tylenol. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I have actually woken up at night with my arm asleep over my head. So then, of course, I proceeded to lift sleepy arm with awake arm and drop sleepy arm on my face. An arm is quite heavy, believe it or not, and that didn't feel good at all!

Good for your dad! And you for helping him!
Pleasant dreams tonight...

Jenny Rough said...

Good luck with helping your dad. I keep trying to convince my 70+ year old mother-in-law to do the computer thing. No luck so far. Tell us how it goes.

Karen said...

Ugh. I know what you mean about the egg carton pillow! I finally ditched mine and got a side-sleeper pillow at Target. Good, not great.

Also, exercise does help. I've had pretty bad lower back pain for years and since I've started working out regularly for the first time ever, I've noticed a huge reduction in the pain. I guess the core thing is true.

Also - definitely Advil. Usually three.