Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm not even sure what to call this

I was reading this article this morning, and the full text of the letter Ted Haggard wrote to his congregation in the wake of his recent scandal. (I know I don't usually talk about such serious things on this blog, but after reading the letter, I think it's helpful and important for any of us who are wondering "What on earth happened?" to read Haggard's comments in their entirety. Not because of what it reveals about him, but because of what it reveals about us. His experience of shame, disgrace, and deception strikes me as a profound example of what can happen any to us when we get separated from each other - and from God. Whenever I start prettying up my image in the hopes that you'll think I have it all together, chances are I'm headed into a dark place. I think the take-home lesson from this chapter of Haggard's story is, at the very least, Stay out of the dark, kids. And don't wander through life alone.)

So anyway, I'm reading the letter, and I notice - as you may have - an ad on the righthand side featuring a pair of tighty-whities hanging from a clothesline. The ad is sponsored by a builder in Colorado Springs, I realized, with this super-special tag line to entice you to build yourself a brand new house: "Buying a resale home is like...wearing someone else's underwear!"

I did not need that particular bit of imagery this morning, thank you very much. Now the reason this caught my eye is that I used to work for a new home builder. And I confess, I planted my share of doubt-filled seeds with customers considering one of those used homes: I may even have mentioned things like leftover toenails in the carpet, or asked, "Don't you wonder how many butts have been in that tub???" Not a proud time for me, clearly. But I take some solace in the fact that I never - even in months where I was danger of not making quota - compared a house to underwear. I don't have to see the numbers on that ad to guess that folks aren't flocking to that community!


b/sistersshoes said...

This entire situation was very sad indeed.

I have been very close friends with many Pastors and their wives...and participated in that role myself, for a time.

Surprisingly it is very lonely and people drain the life out of you and don't think twice about it.

This man Pastored a church of thousands! Imagine the pressure HE was under...poor guy

On the other hand, the bible makes it very clear the God takes leadership very seriously and if you can't handle the heat....

You know the rest ;)
I grieve for him, but send hugs to you,
xxx darlene

LEstes65 said...

Every day I walk through life, I see more things that make me realize, there but for the grace of God... you know? I've tried to stop judging people I don't know (I reserve judgement for my close inner circle - hahaha). I don't know anyone's full story.

But your house story cracked me up. I've lived in gently (and not-so-gently) used houses and brand spankin' new ones. I have often wondered about the butts that graced my toilet or tub before mine. I have also wondered that in my brand spankin' new house I'm in. Because I watched the workers build all of the other ones around us. I know there were probably body parts I don't want to know about touching my brand-spankin' new house parts. I don't wanna know. I just stay very close friends with my old friend "one-part-bleach-3-parts-water".

As usual, you rock.

Swishy said...

Please tell me the other person's underwear is at least CLEAN!

So true how many people try desperately to make everything look fine and normal the more things are really falling apart.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the letter. Very interesting and surprisingly encouraging.

My apartment was built in the 1890s. It's undoubtedly seen a lot of butts. Okay, so the tub and toilet aren't that old, but it's still an entertaining thought.