Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three hours? No problem!

I had the fun--and slightly terrifying--opportunity to teach a writing class at Grub Street last night. Grub Street is THE writing organization here in Greater Boston, offering classes, writing groups, conferences, galas--it's an amazing organization. So when they asked me to expand the short talk I gave at the Muse and the Marketplace conference in the Spring on Memoir: Behind the Scenes into a three-hour class, of course I said yes.

And then yesterday afternoon around 4pm, I thought, Oh--what have I done?

Three hours is rather a long time. I tried to remember the last time I sat through a three hour class--if ever? All I came up with was the soul-sucking tedium of Bar Review, in that long summer of my life between law school and taking the bar exam, where android lawyers from distant cities lectured us via video hookup on the never-ending intricacies of Civil Procedure. I remember sitting there in that classroom, staring at the video monitor, thinking "I hate you. I simply hate you..." Good times.

Here's what I forgot, though, and was reminded of the minute last night's class began: I hated being a lawyer, even before I was one. But I love being a writer. I think that makes a difference. The class was filled with fun, interesting people. They inspired me, reminding me what a cool thing it is to write, to wrestle our personal experiences into stories that might entertain or inspire others. It was a great experience--almost enough to push that whole "studying for the bar" debacle out of my mind :)

And I had a secret going into the class which gave me an extra shot of courage: our awesome blog friend Stacy (you probably know her as the girl with the minions) sent me a gorgeous necklace the other day. It was a thank-you for an interview we did together for her awesome online magazine, Halfway Down The Stairs. I was surprised, and touched beyond belief. I wore the necklace last night, as a little reminder that this writing life is filled with unexpected benefits (I'm even hokey enough to call them blessings). It connects us to cool people we wouldn't meet any other way. And last night's class continued to prove this true.

If you're a blogger, you're a writer, and therefore part of this. So let me say now: Thank you :)

Pretty cool, huh?

Here's a link to my interview with Stacy. (That it's in the magazine's "Bon Appetit!" edition strikes me as rather ironic, given my culinary ineptitude, but maybe it's a sign of things to come???)


Larramie said...

So many lovely things coming your way, Trish, I'm thrilled for you.

And that cooking, we both know miracles happen. ;)

Sarakastic said...

Wooooohhooo I just got promoted to writer. THAT is why I'm sure your class was amazing.

Swishy said...

FUN! I have no doubt you did a great job!

Matěj Cepl said...

Just wanted to say hi, and note that I was thinking about my bar exams which I was passing in the moment I knew, I will never be lawyer, and how liberating it felt.

Still (eight years down the road), it feels so good not be a lawyer! :)



Myowne said...

That article was great - just read it - and it helped me to realize that I am on the right road as a writer. I sometimes wonder if I am since I am learning as I go and haven't been "published" yet. Thanks for your insight.

~Virginia~ said...

i'm sure everyone enjoyed the class--what a fun experience! :) hope you have a great weekend!

Paige Jennifer said...

Yay you for talking for three hours about writing! Even if you LOVE the topic, it's still a tough gig. Congrats!

LEstes65 said...

You and Stacy in one article? I can die happy now!!!