Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Packing for vacation (at least in my mind)

Apologies for the silence. I've been posting every day over at the 40 Days blog, and moving huge chunks of my new manuscript around from one place to another...and then putting them all back where they started. And for a super-huge treat when I need a break, I catch a DVR'd episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Not exactly the stuff scintillating blog posts are made of.

Still, I missed you guys! I thought I'd drop by to share a glimpse of the pile of books I'm excited to read when I come up again for air. We're going back to Lake Moose next month for vacation, and I'm already stocking up, planning to bring a suitcase full of books, a bathing suit, and a tube of sunscreen. My version of traveling light.

Here's what's in the pile:

Julie Buxbaum's THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE, now out in paperback!!! I have wanted to read this for SO long I can't even tell you (both Manic Mom and Swishy raved about it when I saw them in Chicago last summer, but life was just too crazy then and I wanted to read it when I'd have time to really take it in)

Jen Lancaster's PRETTY IN PLAID. I adore Jen, love her writing, and I spent my teen years in the same decade of bizarre fashion options as that she writes about here. She went for argyle and alligator shirts, I went for giant hoop earrings and ripped I-wanna-be-Madonna t-shirts. But deep inside, I longed for a shirt with an open-mouthed reptile on the front. I may buy an extra copy in case I laugh so hard that I drop the book in the lake (which is what happened when I read SUCH A PRETTY FAT ...)

Julie Klam's PLEASE EXCUSE MY DAUGHTER. Her mother took her out of school to go shopping...need I say more?! It's the childhood I wish I had (see: deep longing for open-mouth reptile shirt, above)

Mary F. Pol's ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE. She's from Maine!!! I read snippets of the hardcover edition right before we moved, and loved her style and the funny, honest way she shares the unexpected path her life has taken. Can't wait to read the whole thing.

What's in your to-be-read-this-summer bag?


Joan Ball said...

And then there is this unedited manuscript... :)

Heidi said...

i always love your book suggestions :) I'm hoping to add Jennifer Weiners new book to my reading list. Finishing up "Pretty in Plaid" now - you'll love it! :)

Myowne said...

Well...I am taking a summer class for my Master's Program so I have five books to read for that by September. But during my leisure reading which I have promised to maintain despite the class, I am now reading Abigail Thomas' memoir "A Three Dog Life", "The Widow's Season by Laura Brodie, "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" by Danzy Senna, "Something Like Beautiful" by Asha Bandele, and "I Told the Mountain to Move" by Patricia Raybon. Lots to read!!!!

tootie said...

I just got Pretty in Plaid, and I can't wait to dive into it!

Enjoy your summer reading!!

LEstes65 said...

I'm still working on reading the WHOLE bible. But I got a bit side tracked from my nightly reading by all the bad fall TV shows and reruns of CSI: Miami. Now that those are done, I'm reading a bit more but getting sidetracked by Facebook and blogs like yours. So QUIT BEING SO FUN TO READ!

Sarakastic said...

I was just looking through all my books feeling like they were too wintery, too heavy, not poolside books, like the book equivalent of a sweater. Thanks for the suggestions.

Swishy said...

Love The Opposite of Love! I just read No One You Know by Michelle Richmond ... pretty good, though I skipped the math stuff :) I also read Cecelia Ahern's Thanks for the Memories, which is sort of a breezy fairy tale ... light, but cute.