Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happiness = Whistlin' Dixie

I'm not one for year-end lists (I love reading them but am pretty terrible at creating them), but as we round the final curve and hit the straightaway towards 2010, I thought I'd share a few random things that have been happy rays of sunshine in this rather dark year.

The gorgeous cover of Lisa Patton's Whistlin' Dixie in A Noreaster caught my attention in one of my favorite local bookstores a few months back, and wouldn't let go. I didn't buy it that first night because I was at the store doing research for another type of book (technically I shouldn't have been anywhere near the New Fiction Table, but my legs just sort of wandered over...) After that, the book was everywhere I looked, whispering, "Pick me up! Read me!"

Three weeks later, I gave in, and was so glad I did. Whistlin' Dixie is a story DETERMINED to get to a happy ending. It's about real, flawed, hilarious characters wrestling with life's twists and disappointments. It has one of the best "revenge on the cheating ex" scenes ever, playing out the fantasy of what most of us have wanted to do for vengeance (but would be arrested for in real life.) It's a great book to get lost in, and sometimes that's exactly what you need. So if you need a fun, happy read to help end your 2009 on a high note, Whistlin' Dixie is a great pick.

Now, your turn: What's one small thing that's helped YOU maintain the happy this year?


Marie said...

Music. I have a serious love affair with my iPod and I think if I didn't have my tunes I wouldn't have my sanity!:-) This has been a rough year for my family and being able to chill out with my music has helped me keep it together many times.

larramiefg said...

Three TV shows: "Glee," "Castle," and "White Collar." They're happy, while "Mad Men" is profound. ;)

Stacy said...

Strangely enough, I asked for happy book recommendations on my blog today/last night.

readerbuzz said...

I have lots of tricks. A happy place in Mexico in the mountains near the ocean close to a forest. Counting my blessings. Looking for the good in the bad.

And, of course, reading.

James Patrick Conway said...

God, Family, Friends, and Hes in no order since they all matter just as much.