Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Little Bit Happier, Day 1

It's Day 1 of my mini-Happiness Project!

It's good that the book starts out in the first chapter focusing on having more energy and vitality, because this is the time of year when I feel like a big slug. I get noticable surges of inspiration in the Spring and Fall, but January/February finds me relating a little too well with birds who fly south to drink fruity umbrella drinks in the sun, or bears who eat 10,000 calories and then curl up in a quiet place for a long, long nap.

Ah, a nap...

Confession: over Christmas, I learned that my 78 year old father (diabetic, cancer survivor) and my 69 year old mother (COPD, on 24hr/day oxygen) BOTH get more exercise on a daily basis than me. Um...embarrassing. And yet I wonder why I had to hop up and down to get my jeans on the morning after Christmas dinner?!

Chagrined, but determined to see the sunny side (look how EASY it will be for me to be more energetic, given how little I'm doing now!!!) here are the tips I'll apply for the next 12 days:

1. I will take a walk at least once a day. Around the block counts, and if THAT DOG is on her leash beside me, then I get double gold stars for multitasking greatness!

2. I will organize the cabinet in the bathroom to set myself free of the constant worry that my cough drops and/or hairbrush will land in the toilet below. Bonus points if I finally throw away the vitamins that expired in 2001.

3. I will act perky, energized, and two notches happier than whatever I feel inside. Why not?

Want to join me? What little things can you start today to be happier? In 12 days, maybe we can change the world!?


kim said...

Speaking of cough drops, I was so impressed I actually found some in the disorganized bins beneath my bathroom sink when my throat started hurting last night. This morning I will lubricate my throat as necessary with said cough drops. I will continue to rest so this cold doesn't get worse. Besides, it has to heal in time to drink the Cotes du Rhone I'm bringing to a friend's house for dinner tonight. Big goals!

Krissy said...

I learned everything I ever needed to learn about resolutions to exercise more from Affirmation Girl. I'm sure the Happiness Project is great and all, but if you want to be truly inspired, check out AG:

larramiefg said...

I'd be delighted to bring balance to my life with a little more playtime away from this monitor and keyboard.