Monday, March 29, 2010

4 Books/2 Goals

I am a total sucker for the suggestions makes when I look up a new book. Every once in awhile it leads me to something that makes me laugh so hard that my beverage of the moment comes flying out of my nose. You can't manufacture jolts of happiness like this; you simply appreciate them when the arrive.

Yesterday, Amazon recommended Diana Joseph's I'M SORRY YOU FEEL THAT WAY: THE ASTONISHING BUT TRUE STORY OF A DAUGHTER, SISTER, SLUT, WIFE, MOTHER AND FRIEND TO MAN & DOG. I love the title. But what I love even more is Diana Joseph's blog, particularly the post where she highlights some of the responses to her book--good, bad, and uniformly hysterical.

It makes me a bit jealous, to be honest. I mean, I write specifically about spiritual-type you think even ONE evangelical pastor has written to tell me about the behavior proclivities of his or her pet? No! At least now I have a goal...

In other book news, the weekend's New York Times Book Review was perhaps the best ever in terms of expanding my reading horizons. Titles I'm excited to check out:

THE HOLE WE'RE IN a novel about a family in a credit crunch by Gabrielle Zevin

THE SABBATH WORLD, a memoir about the Forth Commandment by Judith Shulevitz (which appeals to me partly because I'm desperate for a vacation.) It's "deckle edged" which is the publisher's way of saying, This is an IMPORTANT book!

***Trish's Goal #2 (after the evangelical pet review): Write an IMPORTANT book worthy of Deckle Edge!

TO LIVE OR PERISH FOREVER, a memoir of two years in Pakistan. (The author can thank Greg Mortenson for my new interest in Central Asia.)

And to show that I'm not nearly as bookish as this post might indicate, the thing I'm most excited about right now? The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be back May 3rd!!!


Marie said...

LOL, Real Housewives!

Anonymous said...

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