Monday, March 15, 2010

Assorted Observations

It's been a week of funny observations that were simply too good to keep to myself. I'm fasting from most social media for Lent this year (I found that reading 1275 Tweets a day about how prolific/award-winning/accomplished every other author is was bad, bad, bad for my creative process) so when all these important thoughts hit, I had no choice but to speed up the renovations to the blog so I could share. Are you ready?

First: we watched six hours of Star Wars on Saturday night, after which I definitively concluded that C3PO = Tim Gunn. The similarities are stunning. Check it out & you'll see!

Second: THAT DOG has been soaking wet for a week now. We call her Sponge Dog No Pants. (We've had so much rain it's like the lost city of Atlantis here in Cambridge, and when that happens, jokes like this seem really, really funny.)

Third: I watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians for the first time. Three sisters, three different sets of interesting life choices...where to begin? As much as we bemoan the lack of role models for young women today, the success of this show seems to demonstrate a surprising truth: few of us REALLY want role models. What we want is to be entertained. Until we find a way to make a "role model" life look like a fun adventure (and it can be, but we're usually to scared to be honest about how real life unfolds, even for "perfect" people) the Kardashian/Hilton/Jersey Shore contingent will be there to serve up the dumb fun.

So there you have deep thoughts for March :)

I'm working on bigger stuff, though, so stay tuned. There will be event dates for my new book release (and even a sample chapter to share), video of my relationships & spirituality talks, and even musings on the creative process (and how sometimes, "process" simply means WAY more work than you thought possible). But first I had to share all the random, in the hopes that something profound will follow!

Stay warm & happy :)


Julia said...

I love the renovated blog--it looks very spiffy.

C3PO=Tim Gunn. I never would have made the connection on my own, but as soon as you said it, I knew instantly that it was true.

Having lived through the same awful rain that you did, I also think Sponge Dog No Pants is absolutely hysterical. :)

himmiefan said...

Welcome back! Love the new look for the blog. Yes, I watched the same marathon. I'm the only person I know who cries during a Star Wars movie (Anakin leaving his mom is sad!).

Allie said...

I think you're right about C3PO!

Liza said...

Love the new look! I also love Sponge Dog No Pants and laughed out loud when I first read it.

Swishy said...

Loving the new digs :)

I MUST get a list of those dates so I can come support one of my very favorite authors! Can't wait!