Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Girl After My Own Heart

I love MY FAIR LAZY. You, if you have the slightest sense of humor, will love MY FAIR LAZY too. (And yes, the double links are intentional--buy two copies, as you'll want an extra to give away by the time you reach page 13). I'm a longtime fan of Jen Lancaster, a regular tourist in the land of Jennsylvania...and I'm happy to report that this is her finest work to date.

Now I know some government agency or other now requires that we book loving bloggers disclose when we receive a free volume from a publisher, so herein lies said disclosure. But let me say that the arrival of this particular package on my doorstep was such an unexpectedly delightful gift, I was half convinced someone had forgotten my birthday and pulled some strings to get me an advance copy of MFL to make up for it. (If that's you, reader...well done! Feel free to forget any holiday you want next year ;) )

I won't belabor my effusive enjoyment of this book, except to say that it made me laugh so hard I had to declare a 5' no-beverage zone around myself while reading, lest I spurt coffee/oj/cabernet from my elegant little nose. Even now, weeks after reading the last page, I keep the book face out on my living room bookshelf. The mere sight of those leopard print slippers makes me giggle. I love me some Jen.

Looking for a fun read to chase your cares away? This is the book for you :)