Friday, May 14, 2010

There's a pony in here somewhere...

Okay, never mind my deep philosophizing about the Real Housewives of NYC. I just watched last night's episode and the reminder, "If you don't have anything nice to say..." has rendered me all but mute. But I'm a determined girl, and finding some nice amongst the crazy seems a challenge worth undertaking. So here's my attempt to dig a bit of gold from the rubble:

1. Bethenny's sense of humor is back. I'd forgotten how funny she is when she's not plugging a product. Her comment about all Hooters girls coming from Michigan (refuting Kelly's claim that her Midwestern roots keep her pure) has had me giggling for the past hour.

2. LuAnn was wearing a very pretty turquoise necklace as she launched her singing career...and taught us all a valuable lesson in how awkward it can be when we believe the people who flatter us. Thank you, Countess!

3. Speaking of valuable lessons, as an author, I noted the "above and beyond" effort by LuAnn's date to promote his book. It never even occurred to me to kiss up to a housewife to get the word out. So, um...good for him!

4. Ramona reminded me of one of Life's Great Truths: a bit of dancing (or "turtle time" as it's now known?!?) makes everything better...and helps you sweat out the Pinot Grigio so you'll look good in a bathing suit in front of the cameras come morning.

5. And finally, in the ultimate triumph: the ladies managed to stage SUCH a scene on the Hooters boat with their bickering that Bravo never had to cut to B-roll of the bimbets. Way to hold focus!

I'm off to watch something calm and soothing to recalibrate the assault on my psyche.


Stacy said...

Yes, the Michigan Board of Education does train us all for our careers at Hooters. :)

Anonymous said...

I spent an evening this week explaining my attraction to these shows. We need to discuss this.

Sarakastic said...

My new cable company doesn't have bravo and this is the one show I really miss. I don't know why exactly, but I just do.

Elizabeth@LongToLove said...

Thank you for validating my love of the Real Housewives. I finally caught up on New York and New Jersey and all I can say is "Wow!" Bravo has struck reality gold.

Keep the recaps and profound insights coming! LOVE it!