Tuesday, May 04, 2010

We have winners!

Thanks all for your participating in my Party/Presents Fandango last week...loved your comments about what is making you happy.

I think it will surprise no one that the winner of the ARC of A MAZE OF GRACE is...KimQuiltz! She interviewed a goatherd! What I love about this (besides the absurdity) is how in addition to making her happy, it brought a smile to every single visitor to my blog after she posted. That's spreading the love :)

The winner of the ROCK THE TOT T-shirt is...KristyWes! She lives in NYC where one must wear black, so I trust this t-shirt will be a well-loved addition to her wardrobe :) I mean, who else in the city will be wearing that t-shirt???

And the mystery present goes to...JanaGC!!! What is this gift, you ask? Let me tell you...
A few weeks back I came home to the most wonderful of sights: a package from Amazon.com on my doorstep. Inside was a memoir I'd won on the splendiferous site of all things bookish & good, The Diving Wand. The memoir is called FIRST COMES LOVE, THEN COMES MALARIA, by Eve Brown-White. I read it in 18 hours, totally drawn into the story of her adventures in the Peace Corps and with CARE in Uganda. To reach a reader like me (I don't even like camping, let alone multi-year adventures in the bush) this means the author did a great job of writing a compelling story. So I'll be paying it forward, sending a copy of this excellent book to JanaCG so it can inspire her, too.

Congratulations everyone! Kim, Kristy, & Jana: send your address to me at Trishryanonline AT gmail.

Let's continue the party...What's making you happy today?

For me? SUNSHINE. I'll be taking THAT DOG for a walk, so we can get our dose of vitamin D :)


KimQuiltz said...

Eeeeeeee!! I'm SO very excited! Thank you!!!

KimQuiltz said...

BTW, I have a pic of a trio of little goat kids on my blog. The happiness and cuteness factor was HUGE, I tell ya!

It was a rough freelancing weekend, I also had to attend a wine tour. Yup, hard labor! These are some great moments out of what has been a truly heartbreaking 6 months. Thanks again!! I'm on Cloud 9.

Jana CG said...

No way! That's great news. That book has been on my To Read list. It sounds fabulous. Thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

I hope I meet KristyWes went I'm wearing my Rock the Tot shirt. We can hang in Union Square or somewhere together. I wore mine to the gym today at the country club; they hadn't seen that one before.