Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beach reads: Three novels I love

I know it's not usually the done thing to blog about other people's books two days before one's own book launches, but I can't help myself. I've read three REALLY great novels in the past couple of weeks, and I want to share them with you, in case you're looking for a summer escape yourself. If it helps motivate you to click over to Amazon or head to your local library, pretend I'm handing them to you in this adorable tote bag, and picture yourself heading off for a day of sunny relaxation!

STAY by Allie Larkin. As you can tell from THAT DOG's frequent appearances on the blog, I'm a dog person. I love every book Alison Pace has ever written and am excited to welcome Allie Larkin into our club of writers who adore dogs. STAY is a poignant story of that feeling we've all had that we've lost it all (told through a character who really had). But the ending is both happy and satisfying, and I loved every minute with this book.

THE MURDERER'S DAUGHTERS by Randy Susan Meyers. I met Randy at a gathering of Boston authors who Tweet, and the minute she handed me her card I fell in love with her cover. The story inside is just as gorgeous. Two sisters, struggling to make a life for themselves and figure out what "family" means after their father murders their mother. The characters in this book are so real I feel like they might email me with an update.

THE SEASON OF SECOND CHANCES by Diane Meier. I think I loved this book because part of me identified with the main character: when I'm hurt or scared, my core instinct is to retract into myself--to eschew emotion and follow whatever semblance of intellect and logic I can cobble together. But most of us don't really want to be alone, at least not forever. I liked how this story unfolded.

Let me know if you read these...and what books you're loving as summer kicks off. Thanks for humoring me as I took a brief break from trying to lob my own books into your beach tote ;)

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Stacy said...

They sound great, especially the last two. (Though after playing with my cousin's new puppy this weekend, I have to admit I could probably become a dog person too.)