Sunday, June 06, 2010

Great Escapes

This weekend was filled with lightening and thunderstorms, and I dove into books to help me recalibrate. Don't you love how a good read lets you escape into another world for awhile? I wanted to pass the word along about a few gems I'm extra-grateful for right now:

First came a re-read: Alison Pace's PUG HILL. Oh, how I love a dog story, and even more so when it has all the elements of romantic comedy and interesting tidbits about a cool profession (art restoration) I'd never learn about any other way. I can't believe this book hasn't been made into a movie...yet :)

Second, on the spirituality front, a spectacular new memoir by Joan Ball: FLIRTING WITH FAITH. Our stories have much in common so I related to so much of what she wrote. But what I really appreciated was her entertaining writing style, which kept me happily turning pages long past my bedtime.

And finally, Ann Leary's novel, OUTTAKES FROM A MARRIAGE. A super-fun tale of life in the glamorous, complicated world of celebrity. Exactly what I needed.

Later this week I'll have a sneak peak of the first chapter of my new book (which I hope will also provide a fun escape for readers) just as soon as I figure out to embed the code :)

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