Monday, June 14, 2010

The Niece Toss

This is a picture of me with my 6 year-old niece, SPARKLE GIRL. We'd just arrived at the beach, it was colder than expected, and despite the fact that I was not even touching the water, she was shrieking in terrified laughter--sort of sure I wouldn't really toss her in...but not entirely.

Remember that feeling? Being half afraid something will happen, and half afraid it won't?

I don't have any deep point I'm driving towards, except perhaps a reminder to myself of things I tend to lose sight of:

Summer is here...Life is good...It's fun to be scared by the sudden arrival of new possibilities, even if they involve a complete loss of control...especially when I'm with people I love.

What are your summer epiphanies? What do you want to remember as you dive (or are tossed) into the next three months?


larramiefg said...

The blue sky, the green grass, the bright colored flowers.... Summer is a rainbow.

Allie said...

It looks warm where you are...

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the feeling of the sun ... something to remember next January!