Friday, August 25, 2006

It's Friday! And the Golden Saucer goes to...

Good morning :) I'm quite delighted that it's Friday, even if it is gray, pouring rain, and about 45 degrees here in Cambridge. I'm on a new get that writing done campaign, inspired by this guy, which has me rising at the entirely ridiculous hour of 5:00am to set my thoughts to paper. I should probably be worried (or at least embarrassed) that my writing is so much better before I'm capable of thought, but I'm too tired for that. Pages, baby - it's all about the pages :)

In the week-old tradition of this blog, today is the big day for the second Trish's Dishes Highlight of My Week Award, aka, The Golden Saucer. Last week, you will recall, the little shiny cyber-plate went to Dr. Baine, the dentist who told me I didn't have a cavities, just sensitive teeth. This week, I am excited (not to mention grateful) to give props to my colleague David, who swooped in like a super hero yesterday and saved me from the clutches of an angry color printer. I needed to wrestle fifteen double-sided, three-hole punched copies out of the angry jaws of that machine, and it was NOT in the mood for my "gee, I wonder what will happen if I press this button?" approach. Those machines can smell fear a mile away.

(As an aside, I have to admit I'd feel much better about the money I spent on higher education if at least one class had focused on the stuff I'd really need to make something of myself - stuff like the care and training of office machines.)

But back to today's award: Not only did David tame the ugly beast, he let me use his own super-secret color printer, which he somehow rendered friendly as a golden retriever puppy - if I'm not mistaken, it was even excited to see me, and couldn't wait to print my copies.

So, as my three-year-old niece Lily would say, "Hip Hip Hooray for Dave!" A golden saucer (or a porcelain saucer with goldtone finish until I find a better picture) for you my friend!

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