Thursday, August 24, 2006

Paris Hilton gets LEFT BEHIND

According to this article, (thanks to media bistro for the link) of all the "I'm too embarrassed to be seen reading this so I'll sneak it into my hotel room" books people abandon at Travel Lodges across the nation, Paris Hilton's autobiography is #1.


Makes me wonder what the results would be if they checked in with the head of housekeeping for the Hilton chain?

In other end-times fun, check out this fabulous story by my friend Paul Griffiths (it's the one called "End of the World, Drinks Half Off"). His writing makes me smile, even if I'm not always sure he's serious.

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Meg said...

I'm fairly certain that the housekeepers employed by the Hilton Hotel chain are required to leave a copy of Paris's book in the nightstand next to the Bible. She seems to lead a lot of people to the conclusion that the world needs salvation. It's very convenient.