Monday, August 28, 2006

My Hometown

I'm going home tomorrow to celebrate my Mom's Birthday. (If you look closely at the picture, the lobster boat on the left with the grey hull used to be my Dad's - cool, huh?)

We always get extra happy around Mom's birthday because for awhile there we didn't think there would be many more. But prayer, as it turns out, works. When my Mom first got sick five years ago, I asked God to make sure the doctors didn't diagnose anything terminal (she's exceptionally obedient, and if an authority figure told her she had six months to live, she'd do her best to have everything wrapped up in five months and twenty-nine days). So I prayed that they not diagnose her with anything involving a timeline, and they didn't. So far, so good :)

Then two years ago when she was in the hospital again, we prayed that whatever time she had left be quality time. And wow, has God come through.

So Mom will spend tomorrow surrounded by her husband (who will cut his golf game short in her honor), her kids, her grandkids, and an adorable mutt she insists CANNOT call her Grammy. And when we're all distracted with something else, I'll hear her scratching said mutt behind the ears, reminding her who loves her best.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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