Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Discovery day in cyberspace

I'm off on vacation for a few days, where I'm sure blog-worthy stories will abound. In the meantime, here are some fun things to check out while I'm gone:

Attention pubbed writers: Lesa (who runs amazing book reviews on her blogs - she's a librarian, and therefore in the know) has a call out for writers posted on her page. It looks like a great chance to have a chunk of your work featured in a "how to write a book" book, so if you have something in print already, send it in!

Her blog then led me to Librarything.com, which may be the most fun a book nerd can have online. You can enter your books, arrange them all different ways, connect with other people who love those books....the list goes on and on (it's sort of the library version of playing Barbies, when you think about it). Once you enter all your books, click on the "Author cloud" link in the profile section...pretty cool. The site is fun to use and the designers clearly have a sense of humor - what more could a girl want?

It even allowed me to pretty-up my blog...if you look on the left hand side below the list of recent posts, my awesome sister TV Guide Girl (hereafter to be known as HTML Genius Who Needs To Start Her Own Blog So I Can Send Folks There To Tell Her She Rocks Girl) put the cool link with the ever-changing block of books from my library. How cool is that? It's like interior decorating for your blog :)

Other things to fill your day with amusement:

If you've ever wondered what it might be like to break a cheekbone, see Swishy. (And don't worry, I've seen her since the incident and can assure all concerned readers that her face has healed nicely).

If you want to see an ADORABLE baby picture, see Lynette.

If you've ever thought that a week at Disney in the heat of summer might be a complete and total nightmare, see Manic Mom, who will rid you of all doubt and have you booking a beach house in New England faster than you can say "Dumb mouse ears."

And finally, if you want a funny perspective on THE SECRET, see Nora Ephron's hysterical blog on the Huffington Post. She's a genuis, just like my sister.

Have a great week!


Beth said...

Have a great vacation!

L Sass said...

Woohoo! Take it easy this week!

LEstes65 said...

Thank you for leaving us entertainment. And thank you for saying I posted a BABY picture and not a picture of a mellon on a doll's body!

Patti said...

enjoy the days of fun...

Sarakastic said...

Ah I've often wondered how people got all those books in their sidebar, coolest thing ever. have a great vacation!

Virginia said...

I LOVE Librarything! Very handy!Have a great vacation!

Jenny Rough said...

Hope you're having a nice vacation.

Swishy said...

Ohhh, thank you! :)

I hope you're having a super awesome time!