Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today's post, brought to you by the number 8

The lovely Alyssa has tagged me for a meme, so today you get 8 random items about me:

1. Hubby and I switched the bedroom around last night, to see if being on the other side might help me sleep better. The look on THAT DOG'S face when she wandered into the corner where her bed used to be and found only bare wood was priceless. Her furrowed puppy brow glaring at me, as if to say, "What have you done now?" I struggled not to giggle. Eventually we returned her majesty's bed to it's original location.

2. THAT DOG and I have moved 9 times and lived in 6 different states in her 11 years of life. You'd think she would have been okay relocating to the other side of the room.

3. When I meet new people, I can never remember what they do for a living. I remember every detail they tell me about their interpersonal relationships - if you hated the flower girl dress you were forced into for your Great Aunt Matilda's seventh wedding, I'll think of your story off an on for years. But I'll still have no idea what you do all day when you go off to work.

4. My first concert was Shaun Cassidy. Da doo run run yah, Da do run run.

5. On my wedding day, my hairdresser was so hung over that my updo looked like a third-grade art project. All I could say was, "Um, I guess let's attach the veil towards the top so it will cover it...." By the time of the ceremony, though, I didn't really care :)

6. I was born with WAY too many teeth. I'd had 13 teeth pulled by the time I was in 4th grade. Thinking about this now, I should be calling my parents HOURLY to thank them for investing in orthodontia.

7. I once wrote to a famous author who was leading a trip to Europe to ask if she'd take me with her as her assistant. The next thing I knew I was in the International Departures section of JFK airport, passport in hand.

8. I once won a trophy for walking in a T formation while smiling. It was part of a baton twirling competition, but I wasn't carrying a baton. I just walked and smiled. (I think "gifted & talented," is what they call it now when a child shows that kind of promise...)


heidikins said...

Haha! Love number 8!

Fantastic, these are hilarious!


Sarakastic said...

I now must go write Obama & see if I can come on his campaigns in hopes Rory is still there, yes I miss Gilmore Girls that much. So what is being a famous author's assistant like? I picture devil wears prada with books.

sue said...

Cool, how was the trip? Who was the author?

JenKneeBee said...

woah, i'm totally going to write my favorite authors/movie stars/musicians. maybe i can become john mayer's assistant...

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Glad you did the meme! Great answers, and I think the definitely call that gifted and talented!

ellesappelle said...

I loved number 7 and 8 especially (like everyone else)! I used to get awards like that when I was in primary school (I think that's the equivalent of elementary school?). "For having a nice smile" "For sharing some nice news" (I was obsessed with sharing-time) "For walking, not running, in the hall" :) Little did they know that was not a sign of good behaviour but of laziness.

LEstes65 said...

Shaun Cassidy? My sister might have been there with you! My first was Judas Priest and Iron Maiden together. I think I'd have preferred any of the Cassidy or Osmond boys.

Desiree said...

Wow - that sounds like a pretty sweet assistant job!! Way to go in asking her to take you along!!