Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The key to life (mine, anyway)

Yesterday's low point: Walking out the front door to drive to the gym and realizing, just as it locked behind me, that I wasn't holding my keys. Lamenting that we live in an area that's too citified (read: of uncertain safety) to leave an extra key hidden somewhere outside for just this type of circumstance. (My wise (and ever-so-slightly wise-ass) sister suggested that we hide a key in someone else's yard...I'll look around for possibilities when I go out later today, but the place with the Doberman is out...)

Yesterday's high point(s):
First, the realization that this could be much worse. That on the scale of Trish's embarrassing mishaps, this might not even make the list... the weather was warm, I was fully dressed (it wasn't one of those January mornings where I take the dog out in my PJ's & flip-flops, looking like I'm on my way to a casting call for What Not To Wear) and Steve would be home in an hour or so. Second, deciding to take a walk to fill the hour. I found a secluded place at a nearby park (much prettier than the gym, I have to say) where I sat and looked out over the water, trees, birds, and other call-of-the-wild scenery. It was so relaxing. It helped me get past the whole "why do we live in the big scary city?" rant, and reminded me why this place is home.

Lemons, meet lemonade.

How about you? High? Low? (If you're searching for a High for today, just remember your keys when you leave the house. At least then you can say, "I'm more organized than Trish...")


Em said...

Oh, I'm so sorry and ..happy that you ended up having such a peaceful afternoon.

My high yesterday was taking all three girls to the Water Mine pool park, and actually surviving and having fun!

My low was getting all the way to the park, realizing that I had forgotten our towels, and then having to go back home for them before returning to the park:) (not that bad since we're pretty close to the park, but when the car is full of children and you only have two hours before you have nurse the newborn again...wasting time is not what you want to be doin')

kristen said...

I must say, I LOVE the idea of hiding the key in someone else's yard. I would never have thought of something so simple...but could it actually work?

Glad to hear the afternoon was saved by a lovely spot and quiet thoughts. My low yesterday was filled with self-doubt, my high was finding encouragement and support in the most unlikely place.

heidikins said...

Haha! This is a great story; I have been know to have a similar experience - just enjoy the scenery until the roommate shows up. :)


Beck said...

Today is fine, thanks. STill stormy out, but at least I'm feeling better.
I am ALWAYS losing my keys. ALWAYS. My mom made me several dozen copies and I squirrled a few away here and there, but much like a squirrel, I forgot where I put them. And we also changed the lock. SO that doesn't help.
If I went outside in flip flops and pjs in January here, I would die. Literally. Freeze right to death.

JenKneeBee said...

i once locked my keys in my car TWICE within an hour time span. I was too ashamed to call AAA the second time because it would have been the same lock person, so i ended up calling someone that i had to pay to unlock my car. since then i've been giving all my close friends spare keys. and memorizing their phone numbers just in case i don't have my handy dandy phone with me in a time of need.

Stacy said...

It must be the month for key-related mishaps!

kim said...

High -- figuring out what I was going to do with the dead ottoman

Low -- running out of staples while re-covering the ottoman

LEstes65 said...

High Point: Taking my boys to the Sprint store to pick out my new cell phone - Liam helped pick, of course.

Low Point: Having to work and ignore said boys all day.

Jess Riley said...

Oh wow, bummer about the key incident! I locked myself out of the house one day when it was raining and I was late for a meeting; at that time (the pre-remodel days) I tossed a landscape paver at the back door, intending to break the window (I know)...miracle of miracles, the rock was the right density to open the door but NOT BREAK THE WINDOW. Yeah, our back entry was real safe in those days.

Swishy said...

Ohhh ... I had to laugh, because I have SO been there! All you can do is laugh!

I read such nice things about your book over at Allison's blog! YAY for you!!

Beth said...

A friend of mine keeps a spare key in his wallet. It seems like a good idea. You would ususally not leave your house without your driver's license and money. It's worked out well for him.

Anonymous said...

Now that my sister lives about 2 minutes from me, I just use her as my back up key... because I tend to forget things like keys... all the time. ;)

LEstes65 said...

Beth's latest post and my own Texas sized spiders inspired this idea:

Get a huge wonkin' hairy spider from the pet store. Put it in a little glass case by your front door. Put the key in there. No one will be trying to use that key. Oh will YOU get it if you need it....dang! I'll get back to you on this one.