Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ways to embarrass myself that don't involve coffee

My amazing friend Dave sent out an email yesterday, announcing that he will be doing the Pan-Mass Challenge again this year to raise money for cancer-fighting research. (Some of you met Dave in a recent post by Lynette - he is one half of Impossibly Tall Rowing Couple.) When I read the email, I forwarded it to hubby Steve, saying something to the effect of, "We should make a donation," followed by bit of mushy stuff about how much I love him. All good.

Except that as it turns out, I didn't forward the email to Steve - instead, I hit "reply" and forwarded my thoughts of love and devotion to Dave. Sigh.

Fortunately, Dave has a good sense of humor. He agreed that we should make a donation, and assured me that he loves me too....I could almost hear Dave, his gorgeous wife, and their adorable daughter (aka Impossibly Tall Toddler) laughing from the other end of the Charles.

All that to say, if you want to support a great cause, and/or be motivated by one of the most athletic people I've ever met in person (he's actually doing an extended version of the race - you know, so he'll bike the FULL width of the state, rather than just 9/10ths of it) check out his site and make a donation. I'll leave it up to you whether or not you send him embarrassing emails intended for your significant other.


LEstes65 said...

You are very lucky that your wonderful hubby and the Impossibly Tall Rowing Couple are all secure in their marriages!!! Hahahahaha! You are too funny.

L Sass said...

This post is great, because FINALLY we see an example of an email misfire with a positive (ore at least funny) outcome. I much prefer this tale to the generic "I trashed my boss in an email to my coworker but then sent it to my boss instead!" story.

Swishy said...

Embarrassing emails? That's right up my alley :)

ellesappelle said...

What a cool thing to do! That's very impressive.

How very embarrassing though!

Beck said...

And also? I've done that. It's funny how much embarrasment we can survive!

Stacy said...

How funny. My senior year of college, I forwarded an e-mail from my history professor to my roommate. I was trying to figure out what my professor meant by something and since my roommate was a history education major and knew the professor, I thought she might be able to clarify. Amy then sent off a sarcastic reply. . . but she accidentally sent it to my professor, not to me. That was a fun situation.