Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog!

My blog is one today!

In honor of this milestone, here is a repost of my first-ever blog entry. I'm pretty sure only my sister saw this tribute to my dentist the first time it appeared (and I'm believing there won't ever be another post involving me and the dental profession), so I hope you enjoy!

The First-Ever "Golden Saucer" Award: Dr. Baine

I am maniacally afraid of the people who poke at our gums for a living. Years of torture at the hands of two sadistic orthodontists and a vicious tool called “the bopper” left me unwilling to submit myself to the semi-annual cleaning and “you really should floss” lectures recommended by the ADA. I did enough time in that chair between the ages of five and twelve to last a lifetime.

But recently, I felt a sharp pain in one of my upper molars. Sort of like the pain I felt five years ago, the one that meant I had a big fat cavity crying out for a shot of Novocain and a long half-hour of quality time with a drill. Fraidy-cat that I am, I know that when you ignore a cavity you end up with an appointment for a root canal instead, so I called my husband’s dentist like a brave girl and told them I’d be in in a month.

Yesterday was the day. All morning I chatted with God, asking him to make this event go well – for the dentist to be in a good mood, for pleasant background music to distract me from the grinding. Right before I left I added, “You know God, if you want to just make it so I don’t have a cavity at all, that would be great too.”

I slid reluctantly into the chair and opened my mouth a half a centimeter, and the very nice Dr. Baine started to poke around. He told me to let him know when it hurt, so I grabbed the arms of the chair and prepared myself for a blinding pain to shoot through my skull. It never came. After five minutes or so, Dr. Baine rolled his chair back and asked, “This pain – is it up by your gum line?” I nodded.

He handed me a tube of Sensodyne and sent me on my way.

So my now-beloved Dr. Baine gets the very first “Trish's Dishes Highlight of My Week” award - I think I'll call it THE GOLDEN SAUCER - in the unexpected/never to be repeated category of Dental Treatment. And Yay God for the answered prayer :)


L Sass said...

I wish that happened when I went to the dentist. Lately, it's just cavities, cavities, cavities for me. And I brush AND floss! Sigh.

Happy one year blog anniversary!!

Beck said...

Happy birthday to your blog!
I always, always get the floss lecture. Like life isn't hard enough without having to floss.

Sarakastic said...

Happy Birthday to your blog, so glad you started blogging.

Jess Riley said...

Happy blogging birthday! Enjoy your weekend :)

Stacy said...

Happy blogging anniversary! Your first post is much better than my first post.

Swishy said...

Yayy! Happy blog birthday! Here's to many more ;)

LEstes65 said...

Dentist....hmmm...I suppose I should find one down here in Texas. Seeing as how I've been here since 2005!!!

I was spoiled with the best ever dentist in Boston (Dr. Morealle at the Boston Center for Oral Health, if anyone needs one). So I'm just positive no one will measure up down here.

I'd better go find one before my teeth fall out.

Eileen said...

Happy Blog anniversary!! You are a very entertaining blogger and I am very glad you started this blog. Now go brush your teeth and remember to floss.