Monday, August 27, 2007

On the road again...I can't wait to get on the road again

I've caught the travel bug. Heidi is coming to Boston next week, Stacy makes Michigan sound like more fun than Disney World, and my hubby and I watched a ridiculous movie last night (don't let the funny trailer fool you--this movie is pretty dumb) redeemed only by the gorgeous scenery that made me long to see the Pacific again. Plus, it's almost Fall. And everybody knows that Fall is when big, new, fun adventures happen (which, of course, requires shopping for new outfits, because one shouldn't look shlumpy on a big, new, fun adventure...)

Last week, I got my Fall 2007 adventure assignment: This September, I get to travel to two of the most creative places on the eastern half of the country: Nashville and New York City!

I am beyond excited. I've never been to Nashville. All I know is that some of my favorite music was recorded there, and some of my favorite singer/songwriter types (you know--the ones I'm not allowed to quote in my book) live within the city limits. It will take every last bit of restraint I have not to grab a phone book and taxi-cab around to introduce myself to all my favorite artists. (I realize, however, that this would probably be a great way to get a tour of Nashville's local jail facilities, so I'll try to keep myself in check. ) Still though--how exciting for a writer to go to a city where so many amazing lyrics have been written? (Lorrie Morgan's classic country hit, "What Part of No Don't You Understand?" is the only song that has ever made me laugh so hard I had to pull over to the side of the road in my car so I didn't cause an accident...)

And then there's the Big Apple. Creative ideas just hang in the air there, like fruit waiting to be picked. New York brings it's own behavioral challenges will be awfully tempting to pack my collection of Red Sox t-shirts :)

I love to travel, especially in the Fall. And, oddly enough, my favorite trips are usually within the United States. I've had great opportunities to visit other countries, and yet there is something awe-inspiring about landing in a place that is still America, but feels a bit like a different planet. I'm not one of those people who longs to spend hours in a museum or admiring the local architecture to understand a city. I'd rather hang out on a beach or in a bar or at a little table outside the local coffee shop, and talk to the people who live in this new place. That's my idea of happiness.

What is something unique about where you live? The people? The places? What is the best thing you've seen in our great country?

What's your big adventure for Fall?


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'm a little sad to say that I don't think I have a Great Adventure for Fall. We'll probably visit my sister's family in Charleston, S.C. (which I love), but that's about it. I'd love to go up to see the fall foliage in New England some year...

Here in Texas we don't really have a fall--we slide from summer right into a gray, wet winter (which lasts about ten minutes).

Beck said...

Fall lasts for three minutes here - my kids trick-or-treat in winter coats. I still haven't made any fall plans yet, but oh, I should!

Clearlykels said...

I'm totally in the same mode. I went to NYC last weekend, I am going to Raleigh, NC this weekend. It is crazy, but I'm with you-- there is nothing better than an adventure. Luckily, my fall adventures are local weddings-- maybe I'll get to sleep in at some point.

Def. go shopping for new outfits to wear when you go shopping for new outfits in NYC.

KitLiz said...

Going to the smoky moutnains in Tennessee in October.

What could be better than mountians, crisp air, and colorful leaves?

L Sass said...

Yay, NYC rules! Also, you do see brave souls out in their Red Sox t-shirts now and then. :)

My fall adventures are: running my 2nd marathon, applying to grad school and trying to convince AS to dress up like Kermit and Miss Piggy for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't really thought about a Fall Adventure but now.. it's a must! Thank you for the inspiration.. Hmm now just have to decide where to go..

Jenny Rough said...

Enjoy your trips. And if you run across Amy Grant in Nashville tell her I said hi (not that she had any idea who I am)

ellesappelle said...

Where I live is not America nor is it my own country but one of the things I really like about it are the birds. There are so many, and they're so colourful. And I love analysing the differences between my accent and theirs. The beaches are beautiful but not too perfect, if you know what I mean.

I've been to the States, and the favourite part of it for me was Yosemite. And an African taxi driver wanting to arrange a marriage with me (I was twelve).

Anonymous said...

Hey Trish! I was just thinking about you and your book, so I decided to google you...and here you are! Wow, I'm soo excited for you to have completed your first book, and already have it signed to a publisher! Ryan and I are very excited to read it!! Enjoy your fall adventures! We will be in Boston some, and at the Vineyard any/every Sunday we are there!
Take Care!
-Abby Brown/Green :)