Tuesday, August 14, 2007

September 9th, 9th Baby...

I'm still knee-deep in copy edits, but I had to log on real quick and share some sources of inspiration that have made me smile:

First, if you're wondering if anything really fabulous could ever (ever) happen to make your artistic dreams come true, check out this story about singer/songwriter Lori McKenna. She's a Boston girl, so I love her automatically. But she's also a mother of five kids who has been doing the local music scene for years. Then...she gets discovered by Faith Hill. Yep, THAT Faith Hill. I'll let you read the rest, but trust me, it will pick you up if you've hit that place where you're certain your life is far too mundane to ever be fabulous and exciting.

Then, if you need a giggle, check out this YouTube video, starring three of my favorite kids. Part of what makes me laugh is that this was filmed while the boys' parents were on vacation. My friends returned home and couldn't figure out why their young sons kept talking about "Rolling in my 5.0" Hysterical. This is all part of a video contest promoting our Fall Kickoff, so if you think the little Vanilla Ices are entertaining, be sure to leave them a comment, as the video with the most comments wins...cash. $500 (or 5G's as the boys would say).

Okay, back to my purple pencil!


Beck said...

Five kids! Wow, I love that story - that's great.
And that you tube video is super cute. Funny stuff.

Jane said...

I could definitely use some artistic inspiration right about now! I've had quite a few ideas in the past few years as to how I could make some decent extra income with my creativity. I just need to believe and be more persistant. Anything is possible, right?!

I am taking my kids to Harrisville, NH for vacation. My friend and his wife own a cabin there. Nothing at all fancy or glamorous but we love it for the special family time we get to spend together. The town is small but quaint. Lots of cool places to explore. It's also lovely just to sit on the dock and watch the water for hours.

heidikins said...

I saw that on Oprah! Not that I watch Oprah, but the ONE time in a decade that I watched - she was on! I loved that story - so amazing!


Melba said...

I saw your comment on Jessie's blog and thought I would come over and check out your blog...then I saw you are in Cambridge and thought I would say HI!.
I live in Cape Cod.
Well wishes on your book!

Trish Ryan said...

Hi Melba - Yay Massachusetts! I wish I were on Cape Cod right now :)