Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Three things

I was driving around the other day with two of my friends, GPS In Her Head Girl and One Degree of Separation from Anyone You'd Ever Want to Know Girl. (We were in a rented, bright red Chrysler convertible in the middle of the blizzard, but that's another story...) We ended up in one of those conversations about what you'd grab if your apartment was on fire. Presuming all people and pets were accounted for, what material possessions would you want to make sure made it out? One Degree of Separation Girl mentioned her photo albums. GPS In Her Head Girl wondered if she could carry her Kitchen Aid Mixer down all those stairs. Not being a foodie or much of a photographer (indeed, I brought my new camera on this trip and never took a single picture) I was at a bit of a loss.

This morning, though, I know. If Steve and THAT DOG were safely downstairs, I'd grab:

1. My overpriced, totally worth it slippers. These were my birthday present this year, and they bring me more happiness than any pair of shoes I own. Before I got them, I saw two girls in the front row at a Celtics game sporting their slippers and thought, "How can they do that?" Now I understand. I'm convinced they make me a better writer, a better friend...a better person all around. I guess warm feet will do that.

2. The Cure for the Modern Life by Lisa Tucker. I'm 2/3 of the way through this amazing book and can't imagine not being able to find out what happens. The story has just sucked me in in the best possible way, and the primary female character keeps reminding me of how strident and blind we (okay, I) can get sometimes when we cling to our principles over everything else, refusing to see things as they really are. I've never met Lisa Tucker, but her bio says she lives in you think she'd let me buy her lunch when I'm there next month for my book? (Probably not, weird blogger girl you're all thinking. But still, I can dream!)

3. My to-do list. Not very romantic, but if my scribbles every disappeared, I'd have no idea how to recreate them, or what to do next.

The one time my house WAS on fire, for what it's worth, I grabbed THAT DOG, my laptop, and my photo ID with the imaginary last name I was using to hide from an ex. I stood outside while the firemen rushed in, dreaming of the new secret life I'd start after my old one had gone up in flames. I guess you can officially say life isn't going all that well when house fire comes as good news, huh? I'm happy report that things are better now :)

What would you grab?


Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Always a good question to keep your priorities in order!
1) Without a doubt my cat
2) My photo albums of course
3) My laptop "Cherry"
Jeesh, that wasn't so hard was it? If I get one more I'd say all the knitting supplies I recently purchased and the first project I just finished - my hat!

Colleen Snell said...

The sensitive side of me would grab my photo albums, but there are far too many to drag down 13 flights, so I might just use Kodak Gallery online for that.

The practical side of me would grab my passport and purse, although they always tell you to grab a utility bill to prove residence. Or the deed to your home. But who's going to find that stuff fast enough?

The materialistic side of me would grab my favorite brown fuzzy coat and the last pair of jeans I truly love. Cause a girl can't go naked to buy new clothes, now can she?

And, yes, I live on the 13th floor. So, either I'm really lucky and will never need this list, or I'd better get more prepared.

stephanerd said...

i'm with colleen. the photo albums are my top priority (um...after the cats. oh, and my husband). unfortunately, they're quite large and heavy, and there are about 30 of them.

heidikins said...

Laptop, for sure. All my pictures are on my laptop, my list of books (which will now need to be replaced) is on my laptop, and even pictures of all my shoes... I'd also grab a little blue box with a beautiful necklace inside, a gift from The Boy. ;o)

Great Post!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

You just get more interesting with every post!

You do realize though that if you had to leave your book behind.., you could get a replacement copy in literally hundreds of places... It was great hype for the book and very loyal of you...I'm just sayin...

ellesappelle said...

Good choices! Everyone knows that if their loved ones weren't outside, of course they'd be the ones they'd save. It's a little more difficult to say what comes next. I'd probably save my laptop and/or my USB memory stick thingy. Losing the stuff on there would be worse than losing anything else. Except photos. Losing your past would be even worse I think. Unfortunately that's not very original!

Surfergrrl said...

Aside from pets and children...
1. my photo albums
2. My jounals
3. My grandma's diamond ring.

4th, if i had a choice, would be underwear. ha ha!

Sarakastic said...

I'd grab my boxed seasons 1-7 of Gilmore Girls, maybe only seasons 1-5 & the last disc of season 7. yes, I'm just that pathetic.

Are You Willing to Change? said...

I would definitely grab my To Do List too, but I would also grab my Pearl necklace that my parents gave to me when I graduated from college, as well as, my laptop. I could replace everything though! I don't have many valuables! said...

after boyfriend and puppy?

photo albums/yearbooks
my file box. its small and handles so of course I'll be able to carry it. and my blackberry. and a book. i'll need something to read.

i think thats it. my hands are probably full now.

Manic Mom said...

If I didn't have my wedding rings on, I'd grab them, Oh, and my children.

My purse.

Then I'd run into my office and look around like a maniacal freak wondering what books I should take--I'd definitely grab my signed Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin's first, and then any of my other SIGNED author books, which will include yours soon. I think you might have caused me to move some books around--I need to make a signed-author shelf! THanks!

Oh, and this hard drive thingy that I think I'm supposed to be updating every other week or so but I'm not sure how to do it!

Manic Mom said...

OH shit! I can't take my signed author books! I'd have to grab my journals, which are all on the bottom shelf! Thanks for the reminder surfergirl!

But really, we turn our alarm system on every night and whenever we leave the house, so a fire getting through the house and into the office before we could put it out and it would cause damage to my office is unlikely.

I like to think so logically, don't I!

Em said...

With the whole family safely outside...I would grab my mac:), our baby books (like pieces of hair from first hair cut, foot prints from birth are in there, etc.) All my pictures are on Shutterfly so I wouldn't really worry about grabbing any albums. The third thing would be any art I could get out the door with...:)

I pray none of us encounter a house fire, but it's always a good question to think through.

Jess Riley said...

Oooh, I just heard of Lisa Tucker's latest book. I need to get that. And Suzanne Finnamore's new memoir. And and and...!!

I'd grab photo albums and try to haul my entire computer out. (Oh, and my DOG of course!!!)

Two Date Diva said...

I would grab the cat, computer, and photo albums. I would probably also start tossing books down off of the balcony.

L Sass said...

I have so little of value! But I would probably take my laptop, because that's where most of my photos reside, and the necklace my grandfather gave me for my confirmation.

And my acceptance letter to grad school!

LEstes65 said...

I'm sitting here wondering if your slippers will now have their own evening of discussion at the next SEEK group. Hmm?

What would I grab? Is there anything I'd just die without? Since the assumption is that my kids are out, I'm pretty ok. I'd be bummed to lose all the family photos. But if me and my kids are alive, I think I'm good. Oh wait...obviously, I'd want to save my copy (once I get it) of your book. Yes. THAT is what I would save.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

If Snaggletooth and Elsa were safe, I can't think of a single thing I probably could not do without. Even my fab-u-lous hand bags.