Monday, December 15, 2008

An Absurd Dilemma

There's a book I want to buy. Through a weird set of circumstances involving bookstore supply and coupon opportunity, I can get this book in either hardcover or paperback for the exact same price.

Here's where it gets embarrassing: Last night when we were out shopping, I was so stumped by this "predicament" (and I know: how big a problem can it be if there's no downside?) that I left the bookstore without buying either copy.

(And admitting this is in keeping with what I told a blogger friend recently about how I come up with something new to post about each day: "I just think of the stupidest thing I've done in the past 24 hours," I told him, "and write about that...." With this system, I never lack material.)

What would you have done?


tootie said...

I'd go with the hardback! I think they hold up better than paperbacks. But, usually I pick paperbacks because they are cheaper.

(And don't worry - I get my blog material from the either crazy and/or klutzy things I do on a daily basis :)

Krissy said...

Oh, I totally understand the dilemma... Hardback is better quality, but paperback is lighter and easier to carry around... Not to mention the fact that they might have different pictures on the cover so you have to choose which one you like better. So many things to consider!

Jane said...

I'd definitely go for the hardback at the same price. On Friday night, my daughter and I were at Borders (sans coupon) and she wanted the hardback version of some pre-teen something book. It was $15 more and of course I said no. If it were me, I'd go on and find the hardback for even less than the store sale price... ;)))

PS: Here's a topic: store brand or name brand? I blew a fuse the other night paying $6 for Kraft Parmesan Cheese because Breen insisted on the brand name when I could have purchased the store brand for half the price.

LizB said...

Non-fiction: hardback
Fiction: paperback

I like the way paperbacks feel in my hand, and if they fall apart I think they just look loved. But with non-fiction I like to sometimes underline, so I prefer the robust version. :)

Sarakastic said...

Hardcover books always make me feel rich, even though they are heavier. Yes, I have a very silly definition of rich that includes always owning the plus version of kleenex.

Breeza said...

Hardback for sure!

Em said...

hilarious!!! I definitely, without question, would have bought the hard back:) My snobbish husband has rubbed off on me....;)
I love your ideas for blogging. I'll definitely take that into account the next time I'm stumped for something to write about.
all my love, dear friend.

Liza said...

I usually buy paperbacks because I can buy more books and they usually don't take up as much room. I would have had a really hard time too. I usually blog about whatever book I've just read.

Vanessa said...

I would have purchased the paperback. Then I can tuck it into my purse or messenger bag easily.

Suzanne said...

I'd go with the paperback, it's lighter and easier to carry around with you.

Kristen DeDeyn Kirk said...

I would probably do the same thing as you. Leave -- with a headache! I used to make fun of my mom for not being able to make a decision and now I'm the same way. BUT if I had to make a decision because I could never return to that bookstore again, I'd buy the hardcover, figuring it would last longer.

Paige Jennifer said...

Proof you and are somehow related - I had the same (online) predicament last week. It took me three days to make a decision.

If I think I'd want to keep the book, I buy hardback. If I think I'll end up ditching it, I go with paperback. The only time this approach gets thrown out of whack is when I anticipate toting the book while traveling. Then it has to be paperback. Hardback is just too cumbersome while living out of a suitcase.

I can't believe I just spent that much time explaining my answer (geesh). And yes, I know there is medication for this.

Stacy said...

Actually, I'd consider this to be a very important decision.

I'm a paperback fan. Hardcovers feel wrong in my hands.

One thing that peeves me about book purchasing is when a movie is made about a book, and I cannot find a cover that doesn't contain Hollywood actors. I don't want to picture the main character as Keira Knightley, O Mighty Book Publishers of New York!

I'm going to be following your blogging advice tonight actually. I have to write a post about beaver teeth, which may or may not be funny.