Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The second most exciting news I've received this week.

Have you seen this? THE BEDAZZLER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

When I was growing up, the Bedazzler was the one gift I longed for more than any other. It was a Christmas-only offering, part of a line of products by a company called Ronco. With Ronco, anything was possible: you could make elegant glassware from old soda bottles, scramble an egg inside its own shell, fashion potholders from worn-out sweaters...every craft dream you never had was within reach at Christmas, for just $19.95 + shipping and handling. But the best of all was this plastic gadget that allowed you to let your sparkly self shine through as you added rhinestones and sequins to your very own jeans, sweaters and jackets. I wanted one in the worst way.

Year after year, though, my parents told Santa to ignore this item on my wish list. We lived in Maine, and I was plenty bedazzled for those parts as it was. Mom and Dad saw how I'd be ostracized if I added sequins and rhindstones to my Fair Isle sweaters and plaid flannel shirts, and tried to head me off at the pass.

Ultimately, though, sparkle prevailed. My teen years were the late 1980s, which were the height of bedazzling, and once I was old enough to earn my own money, there were many catalogs willing to send me clothing that was pre-bedazzled. (Once in high school English class, my friend Matt put down my name as the definition for one of our vocabulary words. The word? Festooned.)

I'm heading back to Maine for Christmas, and the only sparkle will be in my eye. But who knows...maybe THIS year, Santa will bring me the Bedazzler? And in these economically challenging times, shouldn't we all ask ourselves: "Why buy new clothes when you can Bedazzle the ones you have?"

Here's to sparkle power...have a Merry Christmas :)


LarramieG said...

Guess we'll soon be calling you Twinkling Trish.

And is the first most exciting news you received this week a tease? ;)

Much joy to you and to your dreams!

Em said...

You better be careful what you wish for!! You may end up with thirty bedazzler's for Christmas! hahaha....I'm so tempted:)

Merry Christmas, sweet friend! We praying for a peaceful, insightful and very Merry Christmas for you and your boy.

We love you.

Ryan and Abby Green said...

thanks for the post..it made me laugh out loud!

Sarakastic said...

I wanted a bedazzler in the worst way. I was going to save hundreds of dollars a year instead of buying prebedazzled clothes. I still do want one now that you mention it. If you get one under the tree please post pictures.

Swishy said...

I totally saw that commercial the other day! HA!

Nancy said...

Apparently, you don't watch Donald trump's old show the Apprentice, because there was a lady on there (who now does the Bedazzler's commercials) who talked about this item all the time!

Did you get one??