Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A rectangular package tucked under the tree = Christmas happiness

If you're looking to give books as gifts this year (and really, why wouldn't you be? A book is simply the best gift EVER) Borders is offering a buy one/get one at half-price deal this week that rather rocks. I suspect that if you Google "Border's Rewards" it will link you to the coupon.

I have big plans for my coupon. On my great-gifts shopping list:

DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME: A NOVEL by Jancee Dunn (for friends who lived through the 1980s with me)

THE GEOGRAPHY OF BLISS: ONE GRUMP'S SEARCH FOR THE HAPPIEST PLACES IN THE WORLD by Eric Weiner (for someone I love who loves to travel and loves to laugh, but doesn't actually get out much)

by Patricia Wood (for everyone who needs hope. This may just be the best story ever written about the unlikely triumph of the good over evil.)

TIME OF MY LIFE: A NOVEL by Allison Winn Scotch (for my friend who thinks Mr. Right got away)

LIFE'S A CAMPAIGN: WHAT POLITICS HAS TAUGHT ME ABOUT FRIENDSHIP, RIVALRY, REPUTATION AND SUCCESS by Chris Matthews (for an entrepreneur I know who wants to understand people and teamwork better).

DREAMING WITH GOD by Bill Johnson (for a spiritually-inclined friend who needs reassurance that how things are today isn't how they'll always be).

THE MIDDLE PLACE: A MEMOIR by Kelly Corrigan (if the funds allowed, I'd buy this for every Irish person I know. Given that my maiden name is Patricia Clark, though, you can see why I'll need to make some choices).

THE CURE FOR MODERN LIFE: A NOVEL by Lisa Tucker (for my friend who lives in Philly and will recognize all the landmarks, AND be encouraged by a story of how unorthodox choices can lead to good things)

In this spirit of Christmas book glee, I'm wondering if I can't offer something even better than Borders?

The other day I met a woman who said she'd given my book to a friend who had lost her hope of happily ever after. This got me thinking: if you know someone like this (or you ARE someone like this) and would like a copy of HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT for Christmas, email me your address (Trishryanonline AT gmail DOT com). I have a few author copies left, and it would be fun to add them to the Christmas cheer :)

What's on your Christmas book wishlist?


Stacy said...

Yay for Christmas cheer!

I'm actually going low-key on book buying this year. I've only bought 5 books as gifts. I don't know why. It's a necklace making year for me, I guess.

And oh, you asked about wishlists:

Marlynne Robinson's HOME
Moosewood Restaurant's SIMPLE SUPPERS (even though, I never cook)

~Virginia~ said...

books are wonderful gifts! that's what everyone's getting this year! good suggestions!

ORION said...

Gee Trish Thanks!!!
(And if they hurry and email I'll send them an autographed book plate lol!!!)
Seriously EVERYONE is getting a book on my list- all those financial non-fiction tomes on what we should have done with our 401K's
oh and I repeat myself with saying Paul Theroux's books on travel are great for those who like to read a unique take on being there...

Sarakastic said...

I must own all of these books now. I better ask for another bookcase for Christmas & possibly a bigger brain.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

HEY! I haven't been over in a while!!! What good timing! Another fun book that people may enjoy, if I may pimp another author's book on your fine blog my friend, is BOY MEETS GIRL, and I KNOW YOU can appreciate that one. Head over to MM to see what it's about and you could win it even!

Also, YOU MUST GET LOTTERY!!! ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES! Pat and I are pals, Love her! She and I went to the same college even! I give Lottery as a present to people quite frequently--it's one of those kind of books that you KNOW the recipient will LOVE!!!

xo Miss ya!

Gretchen said...

It's funny- I read the blurb on Amazon about "Don't You Forget About Me". I just went to my 20th year high school reunion in suburban PA. Not even a week later, 30 Rock is all about Liz Lemon going to her 20th year high school reunion in PA, and now this book...clearly, I need to be writing a book or a blog or filming a movie...

hckygrl said...

WOW, Trish, that is very sweet of you!

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