Thursday, September 29, 2011

I, a parade!

THAT NIECE is coming to visit today! My sister called early this morning to report on the state of Sparkle Girl's's a treasure trove of information about what an 8 year old girl thinks the must-have items are for a trip to the big city: All her makeup (because strangely, Aunt Trish rarely has neon turquoise eye shadow), her Barbie Hair Salon and...her baton. You know, "Just in case."

I looked out our driveway--the proximity of widows on 3 sides--and thought, "I don't think we'll have any baton twirling opportunities..." (Which is just a sad thought no matter when it strikes!) But then my sister saved the day: "Wait," she asked, "don't you live near a big football field?" At which point, ladies & gentlemen, a dream was born!

So if you're wandering through Cambridge Saturday morning and see police apprehending two bespangled women and a small child wielding shiny flying weapons, give a'll have found us!


Rudywg said...

I LOVE parades and our family never missed a one. My son's favorite part was the street sweeper who brought up the rear.
After college, on his way to a fabulous job, he found himself sweeping streets. He lived in San Diego & has a horrible sense of direction. Everytime he came upon a WELCOME TO MEXICO sign, he knew he had to turn around. And people think God doesn't have a sense of humor.
Enjoy your day. May your streets be sweeped!

Abby Green said...

love. it.

I Do Declare said...