Monday, September 12, 2011

Next Time, I'll Have a Burger

I had dinner with Super-G last night. You may remember my candid, heartfelt admission of salad struggles from a couple of weeks back. It was cathartic, and I was grateful for your supportive responses, both serious and hilarious. But last night, the discrepancies between her salad eating skills and mine were so glaringly apparent that I thought of you all...and had to take pictures.

Here, at the end of our meal, is my salad:

I picked off most of the good stuff! And even tackled the first 42 or so pieces of lettuce on the top! I was proud of my effort...until I looked across the table and saw her plate:

You just can't compete with that. It's a gift you're born with...or not. And yes, Super G was gracious enough to leave that little sprout of frisee on her plate to show that she's not invincible. But since "frisee" is a word that should refer to a dance step and not a food, I think she stands tall as the lettuce queen.

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