Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Somewhere Sub-Stellar

Sorry for the no-post yesterday. I spent the better part of my waking hours shuffling between bed and couch, trying not to be awake. I've got one of those all-over-sick things happening, where vague feelings of not-quite-right bounce from my head to my stomach every twenty minutes or so. It feels like I took 3-4 medicines that weren't meant to be taken together and then added a shot of Jack Daniels to top it off. (Except that I didn't, which means I feel cruddy without benefit of any of the healing properties of those fine substances.)

But...I will be fine.
I'm yucky today, and might even veer out into gross tomorrow.
But I'm teaching a VERY FUN, VERY IMPORTANT MEMOIR WRITING CLASS on Saturday at 10am, and I will be feeling STELLAR by then.

It's decided.

Hope ya'll are rocking the stellar already. You can remind me how it's done :)

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Sarakastic said...

feel better!