Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Five things

My apologies to those of you who were unable to get the full experience of the "This is the scent of Jesus" website yesterday. Not sure what was up there, but I suspect it was divine intervention. I've read the Bible, and I'm pretty sure there's no particular way the air has to smell before Jesus will come hang out with us.

That said, on to today's excitement! I was tagged by Amanda Brice, who requested five interesting things about me. I LOVE this tag because I believe most people are FAR more interesting than they let on. We get caught up in the dullest conversations - "What do you do?" "Where did you go to school?" "How old are your kids?" And we rarely move on to the juicy fun stuff that rounds out the edges of our lives and differentiates us from all the other people who share our job/school/rate of reproduction.

So here goes...I'm calling this, "Five things I probably wouldn't mention at a cocktail party." And the next time I'm actually AT a cocktail party, I will try and fit all five of these into the small talk, just to see what happens:

1. I've read some of the same books as Rory Gilmore. Check out Gilmore Girl Fanatic's site and wonder which ones :)

2. I'm unusually aware of the status of our Federal Prisons. I'm close to someone who spent some time as a "special guest" of our government, and I've lead student tours through maximum security. When I was in college, my big dream was to run a private prison. (I went to one of those open minded schools where no one would ever suggest that a short girl from Maine with a background in dance and baton twirling might not be the best candidate for high-level prison management - I've often wondered what they would have said if I told them my other dream was to play professional football?) Anyway, trust me when I say that despite the media wailing about how we're soft on crime, our prisons are unspeakably awful and our prisoners are plenty punished.

3. I like professional sports. I loved the Red Sox and the Patriots long before they had winning seasons, and my willingness to attend Bruins Hockey games made my soon-to-be husband smile wider than the promise of a homemade lasagna. Shaquille O'Neal is one of my favorite people, and that was even before he became a sheriff.

4. My Dad retired from teaching when I was in Jr. High and became a lobsterman. I was too girly to go out on the boat with him like my siblings did (dead fish before dawn? Um, no.) To this day my Dad insists that the only time I set foot on his boat was when I rode my bike down to the pier one day to ask him for money. Regardless, I know lots of random things about lobster, many of which I learned from my dear Father before furthering my lobster education through my esteemed career as a butter girl.

5. Finally, I think I'm the only person (or certainly one of the few) in the history of the public library system to borrow the autobiographies of Hillary Clinton and Billy Graham at the same time.

There you have it. I have my doubts about how much of this is interesting, but all of it meets the standard of "Not usually discussed at cocktail parties," so I'll take that as success. And I'll tag Nancy French, Swishy, Lestes65, and Stacy.

Happy Tuesday :)


LEstes65 said...

Five things I probably wouldn't mention at a cocktail party? Well, first off, I doubt I'd BE at a cocktail party unless my hosts would consider Dr Pepper a cocktail. But yah...I'll think of five and post them on my blog/page/site thingy.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'd be drinking Dr. Pepper at that cocktail party too...

Very inter-resting, Trish. All this stuff, and you're still pulling off the classy and elegant... :)

If I decide to use nicknames on my blog like you do, you'll definitely be Butter Girl...

Sarakastic said...

My entire life is something I shouldn't mention at a cocktail party. My only ancedote is "seedless watermelon, where does it come from?" & I stole that from the tv because they said it was proper cocktail party conversation. I know you've read "Life of Pi", so I'm going to go try to develop some sort of scientific formula based off that to figure out the other books you've read because inquiring minds want to know.

Jess Riley said...

I loved your list! I used to work in a prison as a teaching assistant, so I could totally relate to number two. Number five was great.

(Regarding Michael Chabon: he was witty, funny, and relaxed during his reading. Very spontaneous. But I could see how someone would find him creepy.)

Swishy said...

I visited prison my senior year of high school and it freaked me the hell out. Not a fun place!

OK, I have to make up five interesting things ... hmmmmm.

Sara Hantz said...

Are you going to share your lobster facts with us??????

Karitown said...

Love the list. But I would not be drinking Dr. Pepper. More like Pinot Grigio which I've been drinking way too much lately. (well, okay, one glass a night, but still it adds on the pounds).

Amanda Brice said...

Another sports fanatic, right here. Seriously, it makes us irresistable to men. Whenever women are like, "ew, sports!" I'm like, "you don't know what you're missing..."

I'm more of a college fan than a pro fan, though. But DH has turned me into a Patriots fan. Can't really like the Red Sox (I tolerate them) because I grew up a fan of the Yankees.

Karen said...

Oh god. I've read 27 of those books.

As a fledgling reporter right out of college, part of my "beat" was the correctional institution. One of the happenings I was called on to cover was "Black on Black Love Day" which featured speakers who were supposed to promote brotherhood and respect among the population instead of violence and hatred. I acted very cool but was scared s***less. It wasn't a happy place where people were sitting in comfy chairs with their feet up enjoying haute cuisine.