Friday, October 13, 2006

The sound of music, the sound of the weekend

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood here in Cambridge, and I might be a bit too excited that it's Friday once again. (Thanks to these guys for the gorgeous pic).

Today's theme (sing along if you will): "These are a few of my favorite things!"

First of all, I love This article by my favorite singer/songwriter - specifically her comment about re-taking control over the emotional climate of her life rather than letting it swing her around by the tail. Her wise words gave me a much-needed attitude adjustment about a whole host of frustrating things, not the least of which was last week's rant about my incredible shrinking jeans. Check it out if you're looking for a bit of light in a heavy day.

On a lighter note, this little creature cracks me up. She's an exact replica of the "Someone better take me out NOW" face my dog makes when she's lost all patience and is about to ruin the rug. It's the perfect gift to accompany the fabulous new pooper scooper Barbie - all I have to do is add a "Baby Wets A Lot" doll to the mix and my Christmas shopping for the niece and nephew is done!

And finally, check out this and this. But put your drink down first, because this site is dang funny. (Dang? Am I suddenly from Alabama???)

Okay, that's all from the cube this morning. Have a spectacular weekend and enjoy your world :)


Stacy said...

Trish, my office actually has those demotivating posters up. Last year, we had the calendar up in the kitchen. It was hilarious. But of course, we are also an office that pondered the possibility of a mulletin board. (Yup, exactly what it sounds like. A bulletin board devoted solely to honoring mullets.)

Autumn in New England must be gorgeous. We had snow in evil Michigan yesterday.

sarakastic said...

Remember when Barbie was an astronaut or a senator? Now for all those little girls who dare to dream big...pooper scooper barbie.

Barbie W said...

loved the stuffed dog. My lab has what we've deemed the "Huuuhhh?" face. He cocks his head, and somehow gets part of his lip snagged on a tooth. and he just looks queer - like we're supposed to be reading his mind or something. I keep expecting to see a "thought bubble" appear out of nowhere.....

Trish said...

The bent nails? Maybe I'm having an off day but those made me LMAO. I can just see someone all "jjuustt a miiinute here..."

tongue out, cocked to one side, brow furrowed in concentration...

bang bang BEND, bang bang BEND,

"Damnitall...just let me keep trying 'till I get it all the way down"


And the red leaves made me **sigh**.

Swishy said...

Gorgeous picture!!

I will enjoy my weekend once I get done with the STUPID baby shower that's at my place tomorrow. I am so full of warmth and light at the prospect of new life :) Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh..the pooper scooper Barbie! I saw it in Toys R Us! I couldn't believe they actually included poop!! What next?!

LEstes65 said...

Um...hello? I followed your link to your "favorite singer/songwriter" and it didn't link to ME!!! What is UP wit dat? I'm hurt. Now I have to go write a song about how The Lord & Taylor Lady totally dissed me.

But seriously, that picture of the red fall New England leaves almost made me cry. Y'all can't find that down here. (insert soft weeping here)