Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Watching TV can improve your life...

ADDENDUM: Rereading today's post, I realize that in my enthusiastic attempt to describe Nancy's adventures, I may have left the impression that she was a street walker when she lived in Philadelphia (as opposed to a normal citizen who occasionally walked down the street). Not only was this NOT the case, I have to say that if it were, Nancy is a smart cookie and would have known better than to break out her political t-shirt collection during business hours!

Okay, glad we got that cleared up... on to the blog:

In honor of Buy A Friend A Book Week, it's time to give away another book!

As some of you know, Nancy French's fabulous and hysterical Red State of Mind (do you love that cover?) is officially out in the world today. I am giggling just thinking about her failed bid to be crowned Catfish Queen (we don't have pageants where I'm from! I never got to wear a sash either!) or what happened when she walked the crazy streets of Philadelphia wearing her homemade "I Love Newt" t-shirt. (Actually, I'm not sure she did that, or if it just sounds like something I can imagine her doing. Either way, the book promises to be hysterically funny.)

Not that I'd know yet, because my copy hasn't arrived (I think I promised Nancy a picture of me shaking the first President Bush's hand...) but that doesn't mean I can't send out yours! So here's the deal:

I'm baffled by the new Fall TV lineup, and need recommedations on what to watch and what to skip. To enter, drop me a comment with the following information:
1. Your favorite show this season
2. What night and time it's on; and
3. What you love about it.
I'll put all the names in a hat and draw at least one winner to receive a new copy of Nancy's fabulous book.

HUGE, IMPORTANT, DEAL-BREAKING CAVEAT: The show you mention CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT be Grey's Anatomy. (Swishy, I'm talking to you!) I'll confess that I'm also not loving Ugly Betty so far, but other than those two, the field is wide open. Project Runway is almost over, and I need something new to love. Help me help you!



Amanda Brice said...

Well, I love Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy, so you can probably disregard my comments, but my fave show is Dancing with the Stars (why are you not surprised with all my posts on this subject?).

It's on Tuesdays from 8-10 and Wednesdays from 8-9 for the results show. I love it because I've been a dance junkie my whole life, and I also used to compete in ballroom and latin when I was in college. I'm also wiritng a series of books set at a performing arts boarding school and my main characters are dance students, so I want the dance craze to go on forever and ever so an editor will buy my book. LOL!

Trish Ryan said...

I'll buy your books, Amanda! (They'll give me something to read when I'm not watching Grey's Anatomy :) ) I LOVE all this dance stuff. I was sure I'd be on FAME when I was a little girl...as soon as they opened a performing arts school in my hometown.

Sarakastic said...

From Gilmore Girls "Look at you all dolled up & walking the streets, I'm not calling you a ... or nothing"~ Babbette.
The only other show I watch religiously is "The Office" on NBC thursday nights, 7:30. There are so many good quotes I could use to persuade you to this show but I'll go with
"Last week I would've given a kidney to anyone in this office. I would've reached right into my stomach and pulled it out for them. But now, no. I don't have the relationship with these people that I thought I did. I hope they ask, so they can hear me say, "Uh, no, I only give my organs to my real friends. Go get yourself a monkey kidney."
Ok I will stop breaking copyrights now.

Swishy said...

I was totally going to say Grey's Anatomy! HA!!!

OK, I will second The Office--it is hilarious. If you're looking for a reality show replacement, Amazing Race is good (Sundays at 8 p.m. ET). The Nine starts tomorrow night (9 p.m. ET, I think) and I'm going to check it out--it's supposed to be good.

Jess Riley said...

Yes, The Office!!! Thursdays at 7:30 central. :-)

Otherwise, I'm watching Animal Planet or the Food Network. Any show, really.

LEstes65 said...

"Battlestar Gallactica" on Fridays at 9pm, your time, I think. It's on the SciFi channel. Why I love it? Do you not KNOW me? The shallow me loves it for Jamie Bamber as Apollo. The creative me loves it because it's a DAMNED good story and keeps me coming back every week - totally on the edge of my seat. The cast rocks, too. I mean, do NOT think of the 80's show. Except that the original Apollo has a recurring role as a convict with political aspirations. Dude, it's worth a watch.

Jen-t said...

Television? What's that? I'm so bad, TV puts me to sleep.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'm really liking Studio 60 on Sunset Strip (Mondays at 8 central...I think. We Tivo it).

It's another show from Aaron Sorkin (who did Sportsnight and The West Wing, both of which I LOVED). I like it because it's smart, funny, and it really does make me think a little. Not too, too much, but a definitely some. I've gotta pay attention.

I also think How I Met Your Mother is pretty hilarious most weeks. (Monday, 7:30 central...I think) It's quick--only 30 minutes.

Freeven said...

Favorite show: House

When it's on: Tuesday's at 8pm

Why I love it: It's smart, and funny, and it's amazing how they have created a character that is rude, insensitive, egotistical, and yet still so likeable.

karaiz said...

This is your friendly martini girl and one-block-away neighbor here. :) I love the Amazing Race, too. It's all the fun of reality TV with much less of the backstabbing, most of the time. I'm rooting for the beauty queens! (Hopefully they didn't get kicked off last week, I'm a week behind.) Sundays, 8pm.

Studio 60 is really fun if you liked the style of the West Wing, but it's pretty freakin' smug, and Amanda Peet drives me screaming up the wall. I'm still going to watch every episode, though, I'm a sucker for Bradley Whitford and fast-paced, usually witty dialogue.

And I l-o-v-e Veronica Mars (Tuesdays, 9pm, CW), but the season opener was disappointing. You can borrow my season 1 or 2 DVDs if you want, though, they're fabulous. :)

aBookworm said...

Monday, Heroes, NBC, 8pm
Wednesday, Lost, ABC, 8pm
Thursday, 'Til Death, Fox, 8pm
Friday, Men in Trees, ABC, 8pm

So far, so good.

booklogged said...

I like Amazing Race. It's on at 7:00 Mountain time. I like watching the couples doing some of the activities indigenous to the region they are visiting, I learn a thing or two over the entire season. My married daughter watches it also and we talk about it after the show. Provides a bonding moment.

Karitown said...

I am a total TV junkie. Any reality show, and ugly betty, greys anatomy, brothers and sisters. I could go on and on. Sad, I know. But with 4 kids, when they go to bed, I'm too tired to write. I can't even think and just want to be entertained. I read and write during the day.

Framed said...

Ok, after Gray's anatomy, I really love Extreme Makeover on Sunday nights at 7 (mtn time). I love to watch the building and the decorating, I'm touched by these people's plights and their gratitude, and Ty Pennington is so cute.
I'm glad to read that others like Dancing with the Stars and Men in Trees.

Kim Stagliano said...

A Trish I beg to differ. We DO have pageants in Massachusetts, just not as many, and there's no "lobster queen" or "baked bean queen." But, I can tell you that as an 8th and 9th grader I had the great honor of providing the ENTERTAINMENT at the Miss Attleboro pageant. Yes, my dancing school was the entertainment between the swimsuit and talent portions of the program. ON MY HONOR. I will never forget a homely girl named "FERN" who sang "It's not easy being green" while wearing a frog costume for her entertainment. Her swimsuit wasn't much better. I look kickin' in my tap shoes though. :)


Ali said...

1. Jericho
2. Wednesdays @ 8 p.m est.
3. This is such a great new show about a town who sees a mushroom cloud from a bombing and doesn't know what to do next. When they realize that several places in the U.S. have been hit, they have to start making decisions on their next move, not realizing how many have survived and who else may be out there.

Sandy Lorenz said...

The Unit
CBS Tuesdays@10:00
I love this show. A little love,compassion and drama all in one.